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Published on Aug 10, 2014

Igor Kufayev on the responsibility and greater implications of maintaining in a state of equanimity when faced with rise of violence in the world. Excerpt from an intimate gathering, Vancouver, BC Canada. July 2014

Published on Aug 10, 2014

Igor Kufayev on the responsibility and greater implications of maintaining in a state of equanimity when faced with rise of violence in the world. Excerpt from an intimate gathering, Vancouver, BC Canada. July 2014

Published on May 23, 2014

Response to a question on Self-Awareness in relation to experiences in meditative states. Excerpt from the ‘Luminous & Self-Aware’ gathering at RA MA Institute for Applied Yogic Science and Technology, Venice, Los Angeles CA. May 3rd, 2014

Published on Jun 5, 2014

This elaboration is a homage to His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and his well known expositions on seven states of Consciousness. Excerpt from ‘Luminous & Self-Aware’ immersion at Ralston White Retreat Center, Mill Valley CA. Easter Weekend, April 17th – 21st, 2014

Dialogues and Reflections on the ways of seeing reality as viewed from two perspectives derived from Vedantic and Tantric traditions. Questions and Answers during the gathering in Sonoma County CA, March 23rd, 2014

Published on Feb 26, 2014

Q: Many speak of the need for the Kundalini to move upward through the spine, but this is not my experience. Aurobindo himself spoke of consciousness arising and the Divine consciousness descending and that being felt as energy/force movements, etc.

I know you are a Tantric and I wondered if you subscribe to one method or the other and in general your opinion. I feel this is an important clarification as it took me months to grasp and fully own my own naturally unfolding process instead of trying to convert to somebody else’s.

Here’s what Aurobindo has said: “In the Tantra the centres are opened and Kundalini is awakened by a special process, its action of ascent is felt through the spine.
Here (Aurobindo’s Integral Yoga) it is the pressure of the Force from above that awakens it and opens the centres. There is an ascension of the consciousness going up till it joins the higher consciousness above. This repeats itself (sometimes a descent also is felt) until all the centres are open and the consciousness rises above the body. At a later stage it remains above and widens out into the cosmic consciousness and the universal Self. This is a usual course, but sometimes the process is more rapid and there is a sudden and definite opening above.”

Lake Arenal, Costa Rica. February 2014.

Extract from the gathering at RA MA Institute for Applied Yogic Science and Technology, Venice, Los Angeles. November 22nd, 2013

On past experiences and what it means to be in the present moment. Extract from gathering at Grace Belgravia, London. June 22nd, 2013

Published on Nov 30, 2013

Extract from the gathering at RA MA Institute for Applied Yogic Science, Venice, Los Angeles. November 22nd, 2013

QUESTION: What’s the difference between Kundalini rising up the feet/first chakra through the body and out the tenth gate and Energy/light entering the body from above, and through, the tenth gate into the body?

Respond to a set of questions during live Webinar, Dec 1, 2012 Lake Arenal

Igor Kufayev

At the 2013 Science and Non-Duality Conference in San Jose, I moderated a panel with Igor Kufayev, Jac O’Keeffe, and Francis Bennett as participants. We decided to videotape a discussion the night before in which we could develop and refine what we would discuss in the conference presentation. We had begun doing that in a hotel meeting room, when we were informed that due to contractual agreements between conference organizers and the hotel, the room had to be vacated and locked. So we took our discussion outside where it became a much more informal dialog.

Jac O’Keeffe

It was taped on an iPhone, with background music Jac O’Keefe for the first several minutes, jets flying overhead, etc. So the audio quality isn’t ideal, but many in the audience which gathered felt it was a very useful discussion which deserved a wider audience. So I’m posting it here, in audio only. Here’s the published abstract of the panel discussion. This “pre-panel” discussion covers a lot more ground:

Francis Bennett

Is Awakening, as it’s commonly understood, merely the realization of the Absolute, non-dual reality, or is it a stage or stepping stone to a much more mature development – a larger wholeness, inclusive of both absolute and relative? Francis Bennett, Jac O’Keeffe, and Igor Kufayev will posit that the latter is the case, and discuss the necessity of integrating absolute and relative after awakening, including practical methodologies to facilitate it.

They will discuss how a more holistic path before awakening as found in Buddhist, Hindu, and Christian traditions, leads to smoother integration after awakening. These traditions include moral, meditative/contemplative, and wisdom strands designed to develop a “human vehicle” capable of skillfully and effortlessly containing the non-dual wisdom in a relative, human existence. The neglect of this insight has caused many to become stranded on the “island” of unhealthy “spiritual dissociative disorder”.

This integration does not pertain merely to being able to function in practical life. It is a critical foundation for a vast range of potential development that may unfold after the sort of awakening many mistake as final or ultimate. Perception, appreciation, emotions, and intellect can be refined far beyond what is generally regarded as “normal” or even optimal.

Listen to an audio discussion facilitated by Rick Archer Here

Igor Kufayev – Flowing Wakefulness Interview by Renate McNay
CONSCIOUS TV ~ recent interviews: The Impact of Awakening with Iain McNay, View Here
based on direct experiences with some illuminating points on the nature of witnessing sate of consciousness, and the second one, Flowing Wakefulness with Renate McNay, addressing nuances in the process from awakening to Self-realization to enlightenment from the point of view of biological nature of human consciousness.

”When spoken casually these terms (Awakening, Self-Realization, Enlightenment) often denote the same state, yet in the light of direct experiences they are distinctively different. They are sequential unfoldment of consciousness within itself… There is no Enlightenment without realizing the Self, and there is no Self-Realization without Awakening. All this terms are intimately inter-connected… However, the awakened is not necessarily self-realized and self-realization is not Enlightenment in full measure of that term… ” – Igor Kufayev (Vamadeva), extract of the main theme of Live Webinar, Sept 2012

The Seer, the Seeing & the Seen (Part 2) – Igor Kufayev

Questions & Answers on the value of Seer, Seeing and Seen as experienced throughout different states of Consciousness and notions of ‘Awakening, Self-Realization and Enlightenment’, its relationship to human DNA and and overall process of experiencing.

January 12th is Birthday of His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. The day is celebrated by hundreds of thousands of meditators around the World. The Master is largely known for bringing Transcendental Meditation to householders and followers of different spiritual disciplines, as well as to schools and uni campuses.

Although there are quite few who have met and worked with Maharishi closely, most have never met the man who some consider to be greatest Teacher the World has known in our Time. His legacy has entered collective consciousness and it would take decades before it could be adequately assessed by historians, scholars and sociologists alike.

Yet this is a deeply intimate story.

Being introduced to TM in mid 90-s, when I was in my late twenties, meeting the Master was not that important. TM for me was just a tool to complement my already rich by then artistic life. Gradually though Maharishi’s presence grow, my curiosity was aroused and a seed of desire to meet the Master one day was firmly planted.

From around mid 90-s Maharishi was no longer available for general public appearances. The Guru has retreated in Holland and gave televised Darshans to a large international community, and on special occasions only. January 12th was one such occasion. Watching these gatherings I was secretly envious to those who had the privilege to meet and be next to the Master.

By the time my desire reached its zenith, it was practically impossible to meet Maharishi by someone who wasn’t even working for the movement. That time has coincided with transformative awakening while attending one of the advanced TM programs. It was then when I had my first intense encounter with the Guru on the level beyond the senses…

The power of Grace filled my heart with such intensity of Love for Maharishi that mere glimpse of his image was enough to send my whole being in throbs of Ecstasy often mixed with tears of Joy and Gratitude… Soon my dwelling became a place of worship. Hundreds of roses were sacrificed at the altar, embalming my heart with the perfume of devotion never known to me before…

While my heart was filled up to its brim, the idea of meeting the Guru still lingered in the mind… Encouraged by those who have known Maharishi since the 60-s I’ve written a letter to the Master where I’ve shared my experiences of higher states of Consciousness but mainly trying to express the gratitude with as much humility as my knowledge of English allowed me to.

The reply came on that level where postman himself is the messenger by divine appointment. It was revealed deep in a state of Samadhi… And from there on my Sadhana was guided not just by Maharishi but by his own Master, Guru Dev himself.

By that time desire to meet Maharishi reached its sublime height, what happened then is too subtle to give it to pen…

To put it plainly, the seeker has drowned in the Sea of seen, where all desires have found its perfect fulfillment including that most pertinent wish to meet the Guru. That meeting took place in the Heart. The Union was so complete that no further physical contact could have possibly altered serene plenitude of being One with the Beloved…

Looking back in retrospect, it was interesting to observe how that relationship undergone transformation. From placidity of impersonal, through intensely personal and ultimately to universal sense of Love for the Teacher.

For at the beginning there was this arrogance which didn’t allow any subtler forms to be perceived, only to grow into very personal affair with time. I couldn’t care less how many loved Maharishi, he was mine in every sense. That was deeply personal, individualized relationship.

Which was eventually and beautifully transformed into understanding that Maharishi belongs to every being.

Moreover, every being in his or her essential nature is that Great Seer – The Rishi who sees through the Heart of All.

I prostrate at the place where your feet touched the ground… Oh Divine Being who carried Light so Brightly that it Illumined the World within and without.

Jai Guru Dev

Igor Kufayev


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