Consciousness versus God

Dr. Avtar Singh has authored and published a new book entitled- “The Hidden Factor: An Approach for Resolving Paradoxes of Science, Cosmology and Universal Reality”.

The book was motivated by his personal interest in pursuing a scientific search for understanding reality, purpose, and meaning in the universe.

Dr. Singh explains the role of consciousness in explaining the observed behavior of the universe and resolving its mysteries. The conventional science fails to reveal purpose in the universe since it ignores consciousness and deals only with the inanimate matter in its theoretical formulations.

The consciousness prevailing in the spontaneous universal phenomena provides for its purpose and the meaning of life in its fundamental eternity, omnipresence, and free will. Dr. Singh discusses scientific answers to questions such as:

– What is the relationship between understanding the universe and understanding the human mind, consciousness, and religion?

– What are the philosophical perspectives of the results of this new understanding?

– Does the universe and life have a purpose and meaning?

– What causes stress and suffering?

– What is the role of mind? Is their free will, or is it all pre-ordained fate?

– How to live a stress-free and fulfilled life?


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