Sun of gOd – Gregory Sams

Sun of God – Discover the Self-Organizing Consciousness That Underlies Everything – A Review by Frances Lynn.

Sun of gOd, which logically states that the Sun is a conscious living organism, should definitely be taught in schools and universities all over the globe. It is an educational tome, especially for blinkered people, who are indoctrinated to believe from an early age that organised religions is the be all and end all of the human race’s very existence. Even people with a broad viewpoint on the puzzle of consciousness, the Big Bang and its eventual consequential explosion of humanity, which is now evolving into the futuristic state of Artificial intelligence, should study this philosophical and enjoyable, thought provoking book.

Gregory Sams, the author who brings ‘our solar benefactor in from the cold in which it was forcibly cast out by today’s dominant religions’, writes in a humorous and accessible style. His prose coherently illustrates in my mind that our three main ‘modern’ religions, Judaism, Islam and Christianity have a tendency to act as a stranglehold on their fundamentalist followers. However, cynical secular scientists, especially those who believe in the multiple universes theory, which incidentally Sams articulately disputes in his book, are not the only people who will enjoy reading this fascinating book. Curious scientists would certainly benefit from reading Sun of gOd’s religious theme which focuses on our universe as a consistently expanding ‘whole’.

Sams’ sensible rhetoric, backed by illustrations, comments and quotes from historical sages should sway even the most boxed in brain that one could benefit in part from a pagan viewpoint on life and our very existence. And yes, Sams’ philosophical book has convinced me that the sun possesses intelligence and consciousness, which as the star at the center of the Solar System not only bestows life on our planet’s inhabitants an nature, but also on all substances.

Sun of gOd is not only educational for people who have never stopped to deeply think that the universe is ‘brimming with intelligence’, but also for people who are already aware. As Gregory Sams puts it, ‘the ancient Sumerians, Chaldeans and Assyrians, the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, the Maya, Inca and Aztec, and the early Nordic, Celtic and Native Americans cultures may have known something that we do not.’ Sun of gOd works on all levels, not only as an enjoyable and fascinating book about the mechanics and mysteries of our galaxy and beyond, but also as a reference book to be dipped into time and time again. Recommended!


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