Deva Premal and Miten – Brahma Nandam

Deva and Miten share the mantra, Brahma Nandam

Brahma nandam parama sukhadam
Kevalam jnayana murtim
Dvandvateetam gagana sadrisham
Tatvamasyadi lakshyam
Ekam nityam vimalamachalam
Sarvadhee sakshi bhutam
Bhava-teetam triguna-rahitam
Sadgurum tam namami

Salutations to the inner guru, the inner
guiding light.
Who is the embodiment of pure delight,
Who is the giver of supreme happiness.
Who is beyond the dualities of this material
world; Who is as infinite as the sky. Who is
the sole aspiration and goal of life;
Who is unique, eternal, pure, unwavering.
Who sees with the eyes of wisdom;
Who is beyond emotions and beyond the
three gunas (binding aspects of our nature)
– Sattva (bliss), Rajas (animal instinct) and
Tamas (lethargy).


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