Deva Premal – Moola Mantra Part 1

Deva Premal’s groundbreaking new release features an extended presentation of the beautiful Moola Mantra, which was received by Deva and Miten during a meditation retreat at the Oneness University in Chennai, India.

It honours the divine light in every living being and celebrates the dance of female/ male energies as they merge into union.

Produced by Ben Leinbach, the Moola Mantra meanders like a sacred river through a lush landscape of sitars, bansuri, dotar, grand piano, tablas, cello and string quartet, with Deva’s golden voice leading the way, flowing finally into an ocean of silence.

Special guest musicians include: Miten (vocals), Jai Uttal (dotar), Manose (bansuri), Debopriyo Sarkar (tablas), Kit Walker (piano), Benjy Wertheimer (esraj), Peter van Gelder (sitar), and Moses Sedler (cello).

Om Satchitananda Parabrahma
Purushothama Paramatma
F#m G#m
Sri Bhagavati Sametha
F#m C#m
Sri Bhagavate Namaha
Hari om tat sat
Hari om tat sat
Hari om tat sat
A C#m
Hari om tat sat
“Oh Divine Force, Spirit of All
Creation, Highest Personality,
Divine Presence, manifest in
every living being.
“Supreme Soul manifested as the
Divine Mother and as the Divine
“I bow in deepest reverence.”
SAT – truth
CHIT – pure consciousness of the
universe that is infinite, omni-present
manifesting power of the universe
ANANDA – bliss, love and
friendship nature of the
PARABRAHMA – supreme being in his
absolute aspect. It is the supreme
PURUSHOTHAMA – the energy that
incarnates as an Avatar to help and
guide mankind and relate closely to the
beloved creation.
PARAMATMA – supreme inner energy
that is immanent in every creature and
in all beings, living and non-living.

SRI BHAGAVATI – the female
aspect, which is characterized as
the supreme intelligence in action,
the power (the Shakti). It is
referred to the Mother Earth
(Divine Mother) aspect of the

SAMETHA – together, in communion
SRI BHAGAVATE – the male aspect
of the creation, which is
unchangeable and permanent.

NAMAHA – salutations, prostrations.

HARI OM TAT SAT – God is the

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