Spirals and sustainability on the way to 2012

Spirals and sustainability on the way to 2012

In this article I will try to explain why sustainable development seems to imply following the spiral of time. A way to explain the relation between spirals, sustainability and the 2012 singularity from the Maya calender would be to combine the work of Eckart Tolle with Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton, Benoit Mandelbrot, Ervin Laszlo and Rhonda Byrne. This way of explanation is described below.

Tolle’s living in the Now

Tolle says it is important to live in the now. First this means that you should not build up experiences from the past that cause friction in your everyday life. Another way of saying this is that you should not institutionalize yourself in a way that causes you to become a slow responder to all the things and chances that come by. It is important to let go of mass from the past that holds you back so to say.

It costs a lot of energy to carry all that mass from the past with you. In the same way ideas for the future can hold you back from responding naturally to the opportunities of the now. They make your head full of ideas and heavy, which makes you a slow responder to the opportunities of the now. If you want to live in the now you should become an ‘open system’ as it were, receiving what the universe gives you and passing it on to others just as easily.

In this way you are always ready to act on opportunities as they occur. Essentially you are in synch with the progression of time. Now assuming for the time being that the universe essentially brings love, living in the ‘now’ moment of time could make you a very happy person.

Einstein’s edge of materialization and dematerialization

Einstein says in his famous E=mc2 formula that mass is a special kind of energy. Energy converts or materializes into mass, due to friction with light falling onto a surface (square term). You can visualize a surface with a unit of energy positioned on it. The surface with the energy unit is moving at near the speed of light through space. Light falls on the surface and the energy unit like a rain shower.

Because the energy unit receives friction from the rain shower of light, it picks up more energy which in the end causes the energy unit to transform into mass. If the surface goes too fast energy converts into mass, if it goes too slow the energy stays energy. If it moves just at the right speed, it stands exactly on the conversion point of energy into mass. No excessive mass is picked up, no excessive energy builds up.

According to Einstein’s formula, energy starts to convert into mass when we approach the speed of light. Now the speed of light determines our experience of time. This is why living in the now is another way of staying just on the edge of materialization of energy into mass. This is why people who live in the now are usually very well capable of materializing their own future.

From this perspective, Tolle and Einstein’s works are not as different as they seem. The status of being on the edge of materialization also seems to be what Ervin Laszlo means by his In-formation field or the Akashic field.

Spiraling time

Now the time that we experience is linear clock time. The 2012 story is based upon the assumption that time follows the path of a logarithmic spiral that ends in the singularity point in the center of the spiral in December 2012. This spiraling time exists outside of our conscious awareness, in the subconscious, the quantum vacuum, the world of the soul, the universe or whatever you want to call it.

It seems to evolve from the friction between dark energy and dark matter in the quantum vacuum, which could convert darkness into light, but this is very hypothetical. The Mandelbrot fractal shows that in systems of duality, the outcome space consists of spirals. Within our conscious awareness time is linear, based upon our experienced speed of moving through the universe and our experience of day and night that follows from these movements.

Newtons laws for moving masses

Newton also made formulas about the relation between energy and mass. Only he didn’t focus on the conversion point between energy and mass at the speed of light, but he focused on the movement of bodies that have already materialized into mass, in other words the movement of masses in time. About the relation between masses and time, he said in one of his laws that mass is slow.

In a way masses follow their own pace of time, which is much slower than the time of our conscious awareness. Regarded from outside of our linear conscious awareness, these masses have their own spirals. These are the ‘baby spirals’ that evolve from the larger spiral in the well known Mandelbrot series. Newton says that it takes energy to move the masses. This is comparable to the energy it takes to carry around your own mass of experiences from the past that Tolle describes.

Gaps between time spirals

Now that we know that Newtons masses that we experience in our everyday life are slow, meaning that they are slower than the time evolution of our conscious awareness, we can see that as the time of our conscious awareness commences, a gap evolves between the two time spirals.

The gap takes the form of an energy potential: the energy of the regular time wave tries to suck the slower masses back onto the regular time spiral. In compensation we try to put in more energy to either keep track of the regular time spiral or to resist and try to change the environment.

Organizations and time spirals

We see this phenomenon very well in our world of businesses and institutions. The larger they become, the more energy it takes to move them. Those on a competitive market need to make sure to put in lots of energy to follow the edge of time, those on a non-competitive market can simply try to change their environment.

Essentially they take energy from their environment, thereby slowing it down to the pace of the institution itself. The latter situation will sooner or later bring the institution into trouble. If society eventually breaks out of this stronghold, the institution will no longer be supported with the energy from society.

The lack of this energy that was needed to keep the massive institution standing suddenly confronts the institution with a strong pull force from the energy of regular time. This force is stronger than before because the whole formerly controlled environment has now shifted from institutions time to regular time. The institution will literally start to suffocate; it will start to show cracks and signs of an approaching collapse.

Organizations and their span of control

Signs of institutions in trouble are showing everywhere in our societies now. Those that went for control of their environment find out that they become increasingly incapable of doing this. This is because time picks up speed as we approach the singularity in the time spiral of December 2012. In particular privatized organizations with a public task, large multinationals, etc who could earlier simply change their environment to resist regular time, now become unable to control it all.

Only last week in my environment the privatized public housing companies in the Netherlands ended up in big trouble because of this. The tenants and the public in general revolted against the self-enriching culture that had evolved within these non-competing companies with a public task.

The time spiral of sustainability

The above combination of theories explains why living in the now, as close as possible to the time spiral wave of the now, can be regarded as sustainable. In this way you do not rapidly build up unstable massive institutions that need to be moved out of the way later on. In the same way you do not build up excessive energy from not materializing ideas on time.

In reality, no matter what you materialize, in the end it all needs to be dematerialized again as the energy from the regular time spiral starts to pull. You can compensate by putting in extra energy to keep things standing, but this will only make things worse.

Sustainability as flexible materialization/dematerialization

The kind of sustainability of the regular time spiral or at least as close as possible to this regular time spiral seems to be what we really mean by sustainability as a cognitive subject. Sustainable development takes place on the highly dynamic edge of materialization and dematerialization.

f we are on this edge we can materialize and dematerialize in a very flexible way. Although in the end we are predestined by the regular time spiral, we can easily materialize our own little time spiral if we are on the edge. If we use our intuition to build this new spiral we have all the opportunities of the quantum vacuum available. The quantum vacuum contains past, present and future, here, there and everywhere, so that’s a lot of opportunities. This is a part of the explanation of the success of Rhonda Byrnes the ‘The Secret’ as a method.

Institutions in trouble

In practice we have a lot of mass in our world. Intuitively we feel which masses experience friction with time. In our current economic crisis we see that all those large institutions are in trouble because they have become too slow, unfit, or unsustainable. A system that is fit and healthy is automatically sustainable. So why do large institutions often judge exactly the opposite?

This is because they see the baby time spiral of their own materialization as sustainable. They either do not realize that it takes a lot of energy to drag the mass of their institution forward to keep track of regular time or they do not realize that their attempts to slow down their environments and taking energy from the environment will become insufficient to keep them standing at some point. From a short term perspective, it seems to be a feasible option to take that chance, if only time were not picking up speed!

Societal awakening from dreams

We experience time as the speed of our consciousness. If time goes faster, our consciousness moves faster. We do not experience this in our linear time, the sun will rise every morning as it always has, but our consciousness will take rapid steps. We will awaken from long existing dreams that we have always believed in during our lives because we’ve learned them at school, because companies and governments were always very convincing in getting you to believe in the dream they present, etc.

This mass awakening is likely to cause enormous changes in our world. Many institutions will simply collapse as humanity prepares to take a jump in its own evolution into a new phase of space-time.

Evidence for the singularity?
The crucial point here is whether the singularity in the time spiral in December 2012 will actually take place or not. We know that there will be an astronomical alignment. Furthermore, in the 1990s it was discovered that the Maya calendar predicts the end of a time era at this point of alignment. Moreover, twenty years before the Maya calendar was unraveled, Dennis and Terence McKenna found a mathematical pattern in the I-Ching from which they found an end of an era date less than a month earlier than the Maya calendar.

I have also heard of 2012 predictions from the 1950’s in Indonesia. There are probably many more clues, but this is what I have found so far. I leave it to the reader to judge the validity of these clues and the story that follows from it.

Source: http://www.spiralscience.net

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