The Great Death Andrew Harvey Sacred Activism Part One & Part Two – The Great Birth

Parts One-Seven: The term “sacred activism” is taking on new meaning as the crisis of our global situation intensifies. Between a massive population explosion all over the planet, and increasing water shortages, how do people sleep at night?

Global warming, at this stage, is a reality and concern for millions of people. Mystical scholar, poet, and author of over 30 books, Andrew Harvey defines the various aspects of our current predicament and also a path towards planetary healing. Harvey, in this clip, introduces both his hope for humanity and also what he calls the “birth of the divine feminine” and the challenge it presents humanity to live in a totally new way.

The Great Birth Andrew Harvey Sacred Activism Part Two
Parts One-Seven: In Part Two of the Sacred Activism series, Andrew Harvey explains how a “great birth” is taking place during what he calls humanity’s dark night of the soul.

In this clip, Harvey describes a range of signs that suggest a “star of radiant hope” is emerging like a “phoenix from the flames.” He suggests that millions of individuals are being called to concentrate the “heart mind” so that people everywhere can begin to live in a wholly new way.

According to Harvey, there are many paths to our “inner divine nature”—he encourages his audience to wake-up to that particular path, whatever it is, so that together, as one, we may co-create a new humanity.

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