Healing Quest: David Simon on Ayurvedic Principles

Dr. David Simon, Medical Director of the Chopra Center, talks about Ayurvedic guidelines for wellbeing.

The first topic is the principle of achieving well-being through conscious use of all our senses. Our internal healing chemistry is activated by sounds, sights, tastes, scents and touch. We should all seek experiences that nourish all of our senses on a daily basis.

The second Ayurvedic principle is that of being present by connecting with the five basic elements: earth, water, fire, air and space. Connect with the earth by walking barefoot. Connect to water by going in or near a natural body of water. Connect with fire by becoming aware of the sun on your body. Connect with air by getting close to plants, our “botanical friends.” Connect with space by letting your awareness expand into the sky.

The third topic is the possibility of letting go of detrimental patterns of behavior, or bad addictions, while embracing good addictions. Meditation, yoga and exercising are all good addictions.

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