Paul Brunton – A Hermit in The Himalayas

Paul Brunton (1898 – 1981) was a British philosopher, mystic, traveler, and guru. He left a journalistic career to live among yogis, mystics, and holy men, and studied a wide variety of Eastern and Western esoteric teachings.

It was during the early 1980s immediately after the initiation into Transcendental Meditation, the ‘restlessness of the seeker’ had begun lighting our spiritual spark amongst few friends of us who gathered together in the fringes of the jungle discoursing on the philosophies as expounded by Dr. Paul Brunton. We were deeply inspired by his writings in some of the books that we bought.

The Facebook of Dr. Paul Brunton By Andrew Sanderson
Dedicating his life to an inward and spiritual quest, Brunton felt charged to communicate his experiences about what he learned in the east to others. His works had a major influence on the spread of Eastern mysticism to the West.

Taking pains to express his thoughts in layperson’s terms, Brunton was able to present what he learned from the Orient and from ancient tradition as a living wisdom.
His writings express his view that meditation and the inward quest are not exclusively for monks and hermits, but will also support those living normal, active lives in the Western world.

Brunton wrote A Search in Secret India and A Search in Secret Egypt. In the former he met Ramana Maharshi, Meher Baba and other great yogis.

I haven’t read all his books, but those I have read – especially his notebooks – have been excellent. He is a talented writer and teacher.

Paul Brunton, an English philosopher and mystic is widely credited with introducing Yoga to the West after his travels in India in the 1930s and the 1940s. This is an account of his solitary meditations in the Himalayas.

Review at Amazon:

One of the great classics of spiritual literature brought back into print. Paul Brunton was one of a very small number of his generation to travel so extensively throughout India and Tibet at a time when very few were doing so with such insight and discernment. His journalistic skills produced magnificent descriptions of the snowy peaks and high-desert landscapes of the Himalayan region but it was the lessons he learned from the holy men he met on his journey that transformed him into one of the great interpreters of the East.

In this magnificent classic he explains that we all need ‘oases of calm in a world of storm’, no matter what era we are living in, and that to retreat from our everyday lives for a while is not weakness but strength. By taking the trouble to discover the deep silence within us we will find the benefits of being linked to an ‘infinite power, an infinite wisdom, an infinite goodness’. A Hermit In The Himalayas is a fascinating blend of travel narrative and profound spiritual experience.

As we accompany the author on his journey through the vast Himalayas ranges towards Mount Kailas in Tibet, he also shows us an even more remarkable – and timeless – inner path which will help us cope with the ups and downs of our contemporary world.

The great sage Paul Brunton gives us some words of wisdom regarding the higher purpose of man’s existence: what life on Earth is all about. The quotes on the Quest are taken from the first 2 pages of volume 1 of Brunton’s amazing Notebooks


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