Our World Needs Saints – by Rut Bjõrkman

Raised in a pious Baptist family in Sweden, Rut Bjõrkman praised the mystics in all religions and was an early leader of European ecumenism. Here she writes about the “overriding importance” of those who must eventually become “the Human Norm” — the saints.

Anyone who has attained spiritual consciousness is liberated from the constrictions of our present false existence and participates in the energies and insights of that dimension from which all life derives. He is on the other side of the curtain that still separates us from real life. He has been born again and can see God. That entails being able to perceive the Creator’s presence in everything created.

The human being involved has entered upon oneness of Being, experiencing a vital exchange with all of His manifestations. He experiences both the world and himself from within, and is conscious of his identity with the power that is all in all. He is at peace, redeemed from the unrest of a constant striving for expansion and enrichment of his transient false existence. He has bound the centre out of which he can live and in which he rests, earning only to live in awareness of this power so that he may be illumined by its light and filled with its wisdom, radiating out into the world and thereby fulfilling his creatively purpose.

We call such people saints, mystics, and enlightened ones, knowing that they are of overriding importance for humanity as source of the world’s salvation in accordance with their degree of oneness with what is holy within themselves. Just a few beings who have -— like the Buddha and Jesus of Nazareth — achieved rebirth are sufficient for the upholding across the centuries of hope of man’s redemption from unawareness of what is holy within himself.

These beings’ power to point the way towards the truth of human existence cannot be destroyed or annulled by anything. The redeeming power of the saints cannot even be diminished by the distortions of their teachings, disseminated by men who, ignorant of the mystery of such God-filled existence, found religious institutions and lay claim to power over their fellows. The saints remain the light of the world and the way to the very Source of life for all who awaken to recognition of their union with God, comprehending that they provide an example for us, calling upon us across time to follow them in returning to our lives’ spiritual reality so that we too enter upon. a state of wholeness.

These saints, who have become one with their truth of the Creator Spirit, have been relieved of the transience of time, and that is why their impact extends across the ages. They have discovered eternal life within themselves and draw upon this, and that is why they are bearers of this eternal life, capable of initiating us into it so that we submit to the energies emanating from their living souls.

Loving devotion to the great saints, study of their lives, and subjection of oneself to their constant radiance are the precondition for the awakening of such powers in ourselves. ‘Whosoever loves the saints is brought to holiness by them, and whosoever feels attracted by them already has a living soul since access to the souls of saints is only possible by way of the soul. The saint is not comprehensible to someone who is not yet spiritually awakened. He is viewed as being unworldly and as a person who has not found his way in this world.

And yet the saint is the human being whose existence is closest to the reality of life which is, after all, only to be found in the power of God. Full human development can only get under way after incorporation of this power in our lives. If we fail to do that, we remain stuck in our willful, transient, and false existence, unavoidably harming the entire world. It is only when the saints, when whole men, appear that the hope of redemption from our present state of pseudo-humanity shines forth, which is why we must view the saints as the most necessary of human beings with regard to the salvation of our world.

It is the unholy man, persisting in his willfulness and stubbornness, whom we should view as unworldly and ill-adapted to his creaturely task, as a being we must vanquish if our world is not to be destroyed by him. Our world needs the saint, it needs human beings who submit to God, since only through them can those powers which lead to implementation of God’s Kingdom in this world be released.

`For this is the will of God, even. your sanctification’. ‘Ye shall be holy: for I the Lord your God. am holy’. ‘Be ye therefore perfect as your Father which. is in heaven is perfect’. These demands make clear that man’s sole task is to become whole within himself, which means that he must seek union with what is holy within himself, striving above all else to become one with his spiritual reality of the Kingdom of Heaven within himself. Only then can full human development as the Creator intended get under way, since what can complete man’s creation except for God’s power from which man derives?

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