The Mother Divine Program

This song describes the experience of moving in the umoving ocean of one’s own silence and infinity, the field of transcendental bliss consciousness.

Through Transcendental Meditation®, the mind naturally goes to progressively finer levels of thought until it arrives at the source of thought, pure consciousness. The Transcendental Meditation Sidhi ProgramSM including the Yogic Flying® program further trains the mind to begin functioning from that level of silent wholeness, so that all thought, speech, and action grows in this value.

This allows individual awareness to function from the unified level of cosmic awareness, where one is moving in the unmoving, dynamically acting while remaining stationed in the field of silence.

This song describes the experience of diving into inner silence and discovering the whole universe within. Traditions of the world throughout time have described that “That which is far away is inside”, and that “the kingdom of heaven is within.” This is a glimpse of the inner infinity, the Self of everyone, which can be accessed by turning the attention within through practice of Transcendental Meditation, in which one transcends the boundaries of relativity to arrive at the unified source of all creation, one’s own Self.

This song describes the glory of the full moon’s glow, shining in wholeness to all below.

This song, composed and sung by a member of the Mother Divine ProgramSM, describes the experience of refined perception where everything is in “A Whole New Light,” of clarity and appreciation for nature’s beauty, inner and outer. Refined perception and higher states of consciousness spontaneously develop when stress is removed from the windows of perception: the senses, mind, and body, especially through the practice of Transcendental Meditation® and its advanced techniques. Enjoy this creative expression and vision of life in bliss!

This song describes the experience of transcending into one’s own inner ocean of bliss. This song and others are available at in the Songs of Total Knowledge section.

Totality In Essence – by Vimala Thakar

The book contains nine talks delivered by the author and one Question-Answer Session conducted by her. The contents of the book revolve round the point that life is neither individual nor collective but one indivisible whole. The writer asks us to brush aside our age-old concepts of dividing life into individual and collective, the inner and the outer, the physical and the psychological in order to escape from nervous tensions or chemical pressures that characterize the activities of Man of this age.

The writer traces the cause of our misery to our ignorance of the mechanism of mind, the chemistry of thoughts and emotions and the imbalances that shatter our nervous system, and advises us for a clear understanding of our mental processes, the relaxation of the mind, the cessation of its activities– the Ego or the `I` consciousness. In this state of total relaxation a new quality of intelligence begins to function. With the mind relaxed, the aspirant rises above Ego, is freed from worldly desires and becomes established in God. This unique contribution to yogic science constitutes remedies for our thousand ills and sufferings and will be welcomed by the reader.


Vimala Thakar ((born 15 April 1923 – passed away on 11 March 2009) chanting a poem by Shankaracharya – Hunger Mountain, MA

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