Satsang Premananda – Ramana Maharshi’s Teachings [updated]

Premananda explains clearly and simply the teachings of the great indian saint Sri Ramana Maharshi. Especially the path of Self Inquiry, “Who Am I?”. Ramaha Maharshi suggested that Self Inquiry is the most direct way to self realisation.

“Ramana Maharshi suggested a path into your true center. He suggests you ask yourself, “Who is doing this?” The answer is, “Me”. When you then ask, “Who is me?”, it brings you back into the center. When you come to that center you find that you are joy, stillness and peace. Our True Nature is like the blue sky. It’s infinite, without boundaries, it never changes. This is you.

English with German translation

Transcendence and Transformation

“I have no interest in instilling any kind of desire, hope or ideas of transcendence. The striving for transcendence implies an escape from the current realm into some greater realm that actually, as is obvious to those who have been trapped in the transcendence trance, leads inevitably to bitterness and disappointment. Transcendence is a false hope, a bait-and-switch operation. Nothing comes of it.” — John Sherman — From a Meeting with John Sherman on November 10, 2008 pm.

“The Journey After Awakening” Adyashanti & Loch Kelly

Awakening to our true nature does not mark the end of the spiritual path—it’s just the beginning. In this intimate and compelling dialogue, Adyashanti and Loch Kelly explore the journey after awakening.

Adyashanti, author of Emptiness Dancing, The Impact of Awakening, and True Meditation, dares all seekers of peace and freedom to take the possibility of liberation seriously. His spontaneous and direct teachings have opened the door for many seekers to awaken to their true nature and live an awakened life.

Loch Kelly, founder of the natural Wakefulness Center in New York City, has practiced nondual psychotherapy and taught meditation for twenty years. Invited to teach the direct path by Adyashanti, Loch offers a unique experiential teaching to assist in the recognition, realization, and full embodiment of our true nature.

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