UNDERSTANDING IS REALIZING ~ Master Strokes of Shri Ranjit Maharaj’s Teachings

“Never worry for anything, whatever state you are in. It is only a bodily or mind’s affair. You are stateless. All these states come and go. You are always He. Never accept anything less. What is there to prove, zero is always zero. You are untouchable. Forget everything and you are He at this very moment. There is nothing to leave and nothing to take. You are Self without self. There is only Oneness in the world. There is no duality. Everybody is He, so why worry.”

This small book is a collection of Ranjit Maharaj’s invaluable words, which are simple, straight forward and penetrate the heart of the sincere seeker of Reality. The teaching of Maharaj, like that of his master, Siddharameshwar Maharaj, is based on a simple and direct transmission of knowledge. He insists that what you see, perceive, think and feel is not true, because it is impermanent. By accepting this Truth through understanding, you discover who you really are, the eternal Reality, That which lies beyond all knowledge and ignorance. The book also contains many photos of both Ranjit and Siddharameshwar Maharaj.

Ranjit Maharaj Self Realization / Renunciation

AGAIN MORE ON the topic of “i dont exist!” (Renunciation) you are birthless and deathless, true renunciation is to see that you dont exist! and that nothing is true!

You play a part as the body/ mind but know and understand i am not this- it is just a part i play! There is no need to change anything or do anything as all action is itself bondage and indicates doership -have the deep understanding i dont exist and i do nothing-be in it but be out of it all-and the ego will eventually subside (as it never existed)and no mind remains

For Realization nothing needs to be done, for you are THAT already, thoughts and wrong beliefs cover your true Self.

Shri Ranjit Maharaj explains this so well! Surrender to the MASTER (i dont exist) THEN YOU trueself will shine.

Ranjit Maharaj, I dont exist, conciousness, awareness

Ranjit Maharaj-the Master says “AS long as you exist you cannot accept what i say” One must understand that i does not exist, if i does not exist then who does? HE alone remains, yourself self without self.

When you forget yourself Master-THE SELF remains and you are that! the Master and aspirant are one-without saying or experiencing! when you are not there-i dont exist
there is no one to experiene anything, experience is itself illusion and indicates the illusory ego! say i dont exist and churn this until mind becomes no mind!

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  1. Sanjay N Lulla
    Mar 06, 2013 @ 09:09:26

    I see the HE that is true as the real I, as the I in body and other false egos I see doesn’t exist in reality


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