Wheels of Life – A User’s Guide to the Chakra System by Anodea Judith, Llewellyn

This book has become a well-known classic, the one most often referred to when someone asks about the chakras. It makes the Indian system of chakras understandable to the Westerner, with the most comprehensive and down-to-earth information on the philosophy and meaning of each chakra, without getting too intellectual or abstract.

It contains guided meditations for each chakra (which are recorded with music on the Wheels of Life CD, simple exercises, quotes from ancient texts, and practical information for understanding and connecting the chakras within you to the life you were meant to live. Over 300,000 copies in print in 14 languages, this is a standard text for yoga practitioners and healers alike.

Anodea Judith holds a doctorate in Health and Human Services, with a speciality in Mind-Body healing, and a Master’s in Clinical Psychology. Her best-selling books on the chakra system, marrying Eastern and Western disciplines, have been considered groundbreaking in the field of Transpersonal Psychology and used as definitive texts in the U.S. and abroad. With a million books in print in 14 languages, her books have won her the reputation of solid scholarship and international renown as a dynamic speaker and workshop leader.

She is the founder and director of Sacred Centers, a teaching organization that offers workshops and teleclasses in chakras, evolutionary activism, yoga, manifestation techniques and much more. You can find her on the web at http://www.sacredcenters.com.

Judith Anodea describes how she connects to the Sacred Centers.

Anodea Judith – The Illuminated Chakras

This 28-minute, open-eyed meditation is a multi-sensory journey into the transformative beauty of the inner world. Follow Kundalini-Shakti, the mystical serpent of awakening, who drives the vital force that opens each chakra. As you journey from base to crown in this fantastic sound and light extravaganza, you will see and experience the elemental reality of each chakra as Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Sound, Light, and Transcendent Consciousness. Animated art by Alex Wayne, original soundtrack by Robin Silver.

Technology & Spirituality: How the Information Revolutions Affects Our Spiritual Lives

Book overview

Every day, new technologies affect our lives at home, work, and play. But how often do we pause to consider how technology influences our spiritual lives?our beliefs, our faith, our fundamental understanding of God?

With wit and verve, Spyker leads readers on a lively journey through the many ways technology impacts both our thinking about faith and the way we practice it. He explores the role of new spiritual communities (Can online ?churches? replace traditional houses of worship?), ?personal? relationships we have with our gadgets (Will my iPod give me peace of mind?), our changing expectations (Is technological convenience undermining our ability for commitment?).

Spyker gets us to think about the many, often subtle, ways technology has seeped into every aspect of lives and changed the way we ?do? faith. Readers will be entertained, challenged, and above all encouraged to take a fresh look at the world about them, asking, ?Is all this technology helping my spiritual growth?”

Technology & Spirituality
How the Information Revolutions Affects Our Spiritual Lives
Stephen K. Spyker

Book Review
By Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat

Stephen K. Spyker has lived and worked at the intersection of religion and technology for more than 35 years, most recently serving as director of information technology at Earlham School of Religion and at Bethany Theological Seminary, both in Richmond, Virginia.

The author salutes the positive dimensions of technology especially the ways in which it can “free our minds, expand our horizons, allow us to become the more fully human beings God is calling us to be.” But there is also a negative side to all these advances that is creating addicts of an entertainment society where “we can’t spend more than a few waking minutes alone in our own skin” as we feed off our cell phones, iPods, and Blackberries.

Spyker uses eight lens to assess the relationship between spirituality and the technology:

• Simplicity: our responses to emerging technology.
• Transparency: ways in which technology is changing our world and the way we think.
• Community: how the information revolution is changing community.
• Identity: how technology is evolving and what it all means to us.
• Velocity: how the new technologies change our view of time.
• Connectivity: ways in which our hyperconnectivity affects our spiritual lives.
• Liberty: the challenge of technology; does it set us free or turn us into addicts?

Spyker asks good questions and points us in the right direction as we think about the information revolution and its impact on our lives and our spiritual communities.

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