The Enoch Factor: The Sacred Art of Knowing God – Steve McSwain

In a groundbreaking new book, author Steve McSwain summons a new kind of spirituality—one that truly connects people to God and to each other, regardless of race, nationality, or faith.

The survival of humanity is at stake,” writes McSwain. “Virtually every conflict—between nations, religions, even between people within the same religion—has been the inevitable consequence of the narcissistic notion in practically every religion that assumes, ‘We’re right; You’re wrong!’ ‘We’re in; You’re out!’ ‘We’re the chosen ones; You’re not!’ Such insanity must end, if humanity is to survive.”

The Enoch Factor is a disarmingly candid memoir on how misdirected religion has become, including Christianity. It calls for an end to religious dogmatism and fundamentalism and the consequential crisis of faith that is driving millions to question lifelong beliefs, to change religions, or to abandon faith altogether.

More than a personal odyssey, The Enoch Factor is a testament to the possibility of a spiritual awakening, one that genuinely transforms the human condition. With fresh insights into the teachings of Jesus, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and New Age thought, Dr. McSwain shows readers how to experience a spirituality beyond the distinctions and divisions that have divided people and religions for eons. It is in The Enoch Factor that readers discover what the author describes as “the sacred art of knowing God.”

Book Excerpt:

There’s a chasm of difference between intimacy and interaction. With the widespread phenomenon associated with text-messaging, e-mail, and cell phones, a visitor from another planet might get the idea that, since humans are always connecting and interacting with each other, they must be friendly toward one another, even intimate and caring. It would not take him long however, to detect his first impression was an illusion.

Although virtually everyone is endlessly talking and texting, the irony is, we may be the most disconnected, as well as the most discontented and dysfunctional generation on record. There is division in almost every family—yours, mine, the families we know, as well as conflict in relationships both at school and at work. Furthermore, there is division between races, even religions, cultures, and nations. People are more divided than perhaps any other time in the history of the human race.

Conversation is no more communication than sex is intimacy. Communication and intimacy take presence and practice. They are learned skills. And, what is true of the horizontal relationships of life—humans toward other humans, is also true of the vertical relationship—the Divine/human connection. Those who know a God-realized life are those who practice the skills necessary for genuine communication and intimacy.

I love the way Rumi, the Persian Poet of Love, put it. He said, “You will know God the way you make love.” Just as love-making is for many people a connection that has little more than a surface depth to it, so the world is full of people, many of whom are very religious, but whose intimacy with God is little more than skin deep.


Dr. Steve McSwain is an author, speaker, thinker, activist, and spiritual teacher. He boldly calls for a new kind of spirituality. one that connects people to God and to other human beings, regardless of race, ethnicity, or religious background. “The survival of humanity,” says Dr. McSwain, “requires an end to the insanity of assuming, ‘We’re in; You’re out!’ ‘We’re Right, You’re Wrong!’ ‘We’re the Chosen Ones, You’re Not!’” Whether addressing a gathering of worshipers, corporate executives and company employees, seminar/workshop participants, or the keynote speaker at a convention, Dr. McSwain “has that rare gift of inspiring others to be more generous than they ever dreamed possible,” writes one observer. “He gives others the satisfying sense of belonging deeply to God and God’s plans.”


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