THE POWER OF FORGIVENESS – Part 1: 911 Garden of Forgiveness

This film provides an honest look at the intensity of anger and grief that human nature is heir to.

THE POWER OF FORGIVENESS – Part 2: Thich Nhat Hanh


Eckhart Tolle – Not reacting to content

Don’t be Overwhelmed By An Ego Response

If you want to succeed in life you should not be defined by ego reactions. From morning to evening someone will be hurting your ego or you will be hurting somebody’s elses ego. Bottom line is you should not be overwhelmed by an ego response you should step out whether someone praises you or criticizes you.

The Murder of Reality: Hidden Symbolism of the Dragon ~ Pierre Sabak

This book as taken over 3000 years to write. The truth can no longer be suppressed! This is the real story of the Serpent Race and the their control over humanity. Pierre Sabak takes his reader on an unbelievable journey and unearths the Ultimate Crime: THE MURDER OF REALITY.

‘They said it could not be true… The consequences of this research are terrifying’
(Pierre Sabak)

A new major series of books, the Serpentigena describes how an Extraterrestrial Race have conquered planet earth and have ruled over man’s place for thousands of years.

In this fascinating study the author examines how the hidden priesthood encoded the serpent in the Bible and Koran using ‘polymorphic’ words, referred to by the Arab scholars as ‘Wujuh al-Qur’an’: ‘The Forgotten Recitation’- or ‘the Forgotten Koran.’

An Amazing Discovery: Pierre Sabak cites from more than twenty dictionaries and compares the same worded puns found in Greek, Latin, Chinese, Persian, Japanese, Hebrew, and Arabic, revealing a uniformity of belief evident in the Classical world.

He analyzes the Serpent’s clever manipulation of collective reality through the study of language and etymology and shows:

* Correlations between U.F.Os and Angels based on the study of Ancient Arabic and Aramaic.
* How an alien race seeded planet earth.
* Evidence showing that the Caucasian race originated from Mars.
* Conclusive proof that the White priesthood of Israel is linked to Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party.
* The Hidden Matriarchal priesthood: Information on how men are excluded from the highest forms of initiation permitted only to women, children and castrated Eunuchs.
* The purity of the angelic bloodline protected by the priestess.
* The Catholic Church and its collaboration with fallen angels.
* Child Sacrifice and the worship of Yahweh
* The illegitimacy of Abraham’s son Isaac.
* Incorrect translations of Hieroglyphs and the hidden connection between the Jewish and Egyptian priesthood.
* Relationships between the Islamic and Egyptian Mystery Schools.

This is the book the priesthood does not want you to Read!

The most Academic and Comprehensive book written on THE SERPENT RACE. Detailed information on the angelic lineage include: Serpents, Mal’akh, Host, Seirim, Seraphim, Akh Zari, Illuminati, Angels, Lilith, Samael, Goats, Satyr, Hairy Snakes, hairy angels, The grim Reaper, Smiling Angels Lucifer, Satan, Atlantis, the Builders, and the origins of the tribe of Israel.

In his amazing research, Pierre Sabak reveals in documented detail the Enslavement of humanity, to quote:

‘The predator stole the mind of man and replaced it with that of the snake, creating a domesticated animal- A stupendous and unbelievable maneuver of frightening simplicity, The Serpent is the greatest tactician known to man and is protected by the Brotherhood.’

Pierre Sabak unlocks the ciphers and the hidden meaning in the Scriptures: The most controversial and explosive account of the origin of man since the Bible! This book describes why: ‘The Official Story is a Story’.

You owe it to yourself to get informed!

You have felt the consequences…Now consider the facts…

You can no longer afford to Ignore THE MURDER OF REALITY!

Terence McKenna – The Evolutionary Mind 4/7

The Brilliant minds of Terence McKenna, Rupert Sheldrake and Ralph Abraham come together to speak about the Evolutionary Mind.

Terence McKenna – The Evolutionary Mind 5/7

Terence McKenna – The Evolutionary Mind 6/7

Terence McKenna – The Evolutionary Mind 7/7

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