Intention:Aware and awake

Direction of Intention

Imagine that intention is the car you drive;

imperative for movement, the essence of your desires.

The key to the power of energetic deliverance lies within intention.

One aspect of intention is specific direction — clear & concise.

It is there you where you determine the road your energy will follow.

Intention is provided to avoid the energy being lost, misguided or usurped in the Universe.

For example, when we hold the intention of unconditional love within our hearts,

we open ourselves to the Universe & Spirit…

…to allow an expansion & an extension of our truest selves.

Unconditional love emerges unimpeded, brilliant.

It is in this place where we face the reality of sending our love to another

– be that a person, groups of people, things, or places;

we intuitively recognize we draw upon our heart & soul…

…through our unlimited divine potential.

Respect for freewill to remain for the intended recipient…

…is essential for pure deliverance of our intention.


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