The Tao At Work by Stan Herman

While in the midst of coping with difficulty, complexity and pressure, it’s useful to pause from time to time and remind yourself of the obvious.
These passages are about the obvious…..

Once upon a timethe simple could be seen…

That all reality is virtual,

That chaos encompasses order,and order chaos.

That clarity and peace interweave elegantly with difficulty and battle,
and that spirit is the sinew that binds all the world together.

From these conditions arise the billion others with which we live.

Failing to recall that this is so, you miss the world’s significance, the direction of its change,
its uses and its destination.

And so you may feel lost and frightened.

Through her deeds, a great leader reminds people of their possibilities.

Her greatness rises not upon the tower of spectacular achievement,
but from the foundation of the ordinary.

She stands not above but among those she leads,
upon the same earthy foundation, and beneath her lies the solid rock.

All leaders announce themselves as servants of those they lead.

For some these protestations only mask their pride.

The great leader recognizes leadership is a duty no more important than any other.

Stanley Herman is a management consultant and author of A Force Of Ones: Reclaiming Individual Power in a Time of Teams, Work Groups and Other Crowds and The Tao At Work: On Leading and Following (Jossey-Bass), from which the above passage is an excerpt. Contact Stan by e-mail at or fax 760-480-1628.


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