Altars of Power and Grace ~ Create the Life You Desire By Michael & Robin Mastro

Altars of Power and Grace ~ Create the Life You Desire

Nominated for NINE national literary awards and winner of Spirituality Book of the Year (USA Book News) and Self-Help Book of the Year (Coalition of Visionary Resources – COVR), Altars of Power and Grace brings you the power and beauty of altars using the sacred science of Vastu Shastra, India’s Feng Shui. Enlightening and informative, this book is treasured by thousands around the world. With easy and concise instructions readers learn to maximize potential and attract Universal Support to enliven their surroundings while transforming their lives.

Learn how to create specific altars that fulfill your individual desires

* Love, Relationships, and Marriage
* Abundance and Financial Prosperity
* Health and Well-Being
* Career Success and Recognition
* Creativity and Spirituality


SECTION ONE: The Knowledge of Sacred Empowerment
Chapter 1 – Altars of Power and Grace: The Evolution
Chapter 2 – Vastu Shastra: The Science and History
Chapter 3 – Our Desires, Aspirations and Dreams: Introduction to Creating Altars
Chapter 4 – Representing The Five Elements: Items to Use and Their Placement
Chapter 5 – The Process of Manifesting Your Dreams and Desires

SECTION TWO: The Altars of Power and Grace
Chapter 6 – Altars that Invite Abundance and Prosperity
Chapter 7 – Altars to Support or Draw Relationships and Marriage
Chapter 8 – Altars for Enhancing Career and Recognition
Chapter 9 – Altars to Improve Health and Well-Being
Chapter 10 – Altars that Heighten Spirituality
Chapter 11 – Altars that Assist Life Changes and Transformation
Chapter 12 – Altars to Increase Creativity and Knowledge
Chapter 13 – Altars to Attract Helpful People and Universal Support
Chapter 14 – Altars for Special Occasions
Chapter 15 -The Global Peace Altar

Appendix i Glossary of Terms
Appendix ii Gods, Goddesses, and Religious Deities
Appendix iii Yantras and Mantras
Appendix iv Additional References

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