Richard Dawkins – BBC HARDtalk Part1

Part 3.
Richard Dawkins is interviewed by the BBC’s Stephen Sackur for News24’s HARDtalk.

What is the Purpose of Life (!)

From a recent seminar in NYC.

Q&A part V of the Hitchens vs. Turek debate at VCU, VA. Full debate:
and (annotated)

Again ethics, Hitchens reference about Sokrates who would feel shame when making a dishonest or shady argument clearly points at Tureks demagoguery (Hitler=Humanist) from before.

At 3:03 Hitchens is asked about the purpose of life though, enjoy the answer.

Richard Moss ‘Radical Aliveness’ Interview by Iain McNay

Richard Moss ‘Radical Aliveness’ Interview by Iain McNay

The Black Butterfly is an invitation to fundamental creativity, to essential change, not merely of our ideas, but of the very basis of our lives. This best-selling book calls us to a radical aliveness, to the very edge of awareness and a breathtaking vision of the potential of our humanness.


“Dr. Moss writes of his own powerful, beautiful, and totally spontaneous awakening experience and how he struggled to understand it and, through it, begin the process of living a life of ‘radical aliveness.’ In the book he shares his awakened understandings and the experiences of some of his patients and members of his classes and groups.

“I first read the book ten years ago and it had such a tremendous and beautiful impact upon my consciousness that I am still telling people about it today. I was so glad to see it listed on because it was unavailable for awhile.

The message of the book is just as beautiful and important today. Dr. Moss writes that ‘Awakening is going on in varying degrees in every person. It is not something from which we can turn away.’

In the closing chapter Dr. Moss relates the story of a patient whose awakening during a retreat was so powerful that it resulted in a spontaneous healing of cancer and other negative physical conditions. A must read for everyone who is coming ‘awake’.”

– Reviewer: E.M., “writer, artist and awakening person from Southern California, USA” (from reviews)

The Dance of Stillness – by David Rivers

Interviews with Four Authentic Western Spiritual Teachers Exploring the Nature of Spiritual Energy and Fundamental Realisation

This book features intimate conversations with four unique Western spiritual teachers who have each undergone a radical process of spiritual awakening. Some describe it as the unleashing of the divine current within.

As the interviews progressed, a unique pattern emerged. During pivotal periods of their spiritual journeys, each was graced with a profound encounter with the Divine Feminine. While the Divine Feminine is not the specific focus of this book, it does surface as a theme in the lives of the teachers featured herein.

About the author:
An urban Tantric Yogi, David Rivers is also a writer, an artist, and a spiritual journalist. In his early twenties, David was profoundly impacted by a sudden and unexpected spiritual awakening, and with it a powerful flow of subtle life energy known as Kundalini.
His spiritual journey has been filled with paradox, a kind of dance between darkness and light, pain and bliss.
He currently resides in rural Australia, where he continues to deepen his spiritual practice.

Interview with Dr Richard Moss for the book – The Dance of Stillness

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