Richard Moss ‘Radical Aliveness’ Interview by Iain McNay

Richard Moss ‘Radical Aliveness’ Interview by Iain McNay

The Black Butterfly is an invitation to fundamental creativity, to essential change, not merely of our ideas, but of the very basis of our lives. This best-selling book calls us to a radical aliveness, to the very edge of awareness and a breathtaking vision of the potential of our humanness.


“Dr. Moss writes of his own powerful, beautiful, and totally spontaneous awakening experience and how he struggled to understand it and, through it, begin the process of living a life of ‘radical aliveness.’ In the book he shares his awakened understandings and the experiences of some of his patients and members of his classes and groups.

“I first read the book ten years ago and it had such a tremendous and beautiful impact upon my consciousness that I am still telling people about it today. I was so glad to see it listed on because it was unavailable for awhile.

The message of the book is just as beautiful and important today. Dr. Moss writes that ‘Awakening is going on in varying degrees in every person. It is not something from which we can turn away.’

In the closing chapter Dr. Moss relates the story of a patient whose awakening during a retreat was so powerful that it resulted in a spontaneous healing of cancer and other negative physical conditions. A must read for everyone who is coming ‘awake’.”

– Reviewer: E.M., “writer, artist and awakening person from Southern California, USA” (from reviews)

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