Beyond Happiness: The Zen Way to True Contentment by Ezra Bayda

Description of Beyond Happiness

Happiness is available to all of us—right here, right now. All that’s required is that we learn to let go of our expectation that life should go according the agenda we have in mind. Zen teacher Ezra Bayda provides the teachings and practices we need to learn to let go into true happiness—the kind that goes far deeper than the kind that’s about getting what we think we want.

Most of our unhappiness, he explains, is the result of seeking satisfaction in things external to us: new jobs, better relationships, luxury vacations. By liberating ourselves from expectations about these outward things and looking inward instead, we can find a deeper and unshakable kind of satisfaction that not only makes things a lot more pleasant for us, but that generates in us generosity and compassion toward others.

Beyond Happiness includes simple meditation and mindfulness practices you can use to access true happiness, including basic sitting meditation, gratitude practice, loving-kindness practice, and the Three Questions practice, in which we ask ourselves: Am I happy now? What blocks happiness? and Can I surrender to what is?

Ezra Bayda on Beyond Happiness

Ezra Bayda, author of Beyond Happiness: The Zen Way to True Contentment, gives a teaching on happiness and how we mistakenly seek it from external sources like relationships and possessions. Bayda explains how happiness can be found in looking inward and in acts of generosity and compassion for others.

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