The Rules of Victory: How to Transform Chaos and Conflict ~Strategies from the Art of War by James Gimian and Barry Boyce

The fog of war has become the fog of life. Chaos, Conflict, and Complex problems are emerging everywhere. And the same old fixes don’t seem to help.

The Rules of Victory Chaos, conflict, and the escalation of complex problems seem to define our experience, whether we’re an army commander, a business leader, a community organizer, or a single parent. Because the ordinary approaches don’t work when things are complex and because the stakes are so high nowadays, people everywhere are motivated to find more effective ways to deal with the conflict that arises when things get tough.
The Art of War is timeless, and it is tailor-made for our times

For 2500 years the Art of War has provided people all over the world with skillful strategies for working with challenging situations, conflict, and war. This text succeeds because it views the world as an interconnected whole and takes a deeply systematic approach. In fact, the Sun Tzu text is perhaps the world’s first whole-systems handbook.
The Rules of Victory shows how the Sun Tzu Works for us

The Rules of Victory demonstrates how the skillful actions from the Sun Tzu text can apply to you and your life. The Art of War is not about an ancient approach from a foreign culture. Rather it presents inherent human wisdom about a way of viewing and being in the world that gives rise to skillful action. The strategies of the Art of War are based on common human faculties and the ways we already do things. More than anything, developing this skill requires a shift in view—in how we see things—leading to effective action and a different result.
skillful action that can make a difference

From The Rules of Victory we learn:

* How to work more effectively with resistance, reaction, conflict, and chaos, when your role as a leader requires you to encourage change
* How to create momentum and bring about the tipping point in your project
* How to employ shih—seeing how energy moves, gathers, focuses and releases in any natural or human-made system and how to use that to advantage
* About a kind of knowing that helps one to look at what others don’t, see what others can’t, go where others won’t
* About finding a way to win the battle and the war, and the peace too


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