Moral Code of a Modern Mystic

Love that which is good

Ignore that which is evil

Be goodness, justice and compassion

Never criticize

Be patient, calm and considerate

Never give way to anger or pride

Be pure, compassionate, and gentle

Never resort to sarcasm

Be confident, content, and open to others

Do not doubt and never be envious

Be moderate in all things

Avoid excess

Be humble, kind, modest, generous, and respectful of others

Never be spiteful

Be honest in words and in deeds; speak the truth

Never lie and never slander

Be helpful and considerate in everything

Never deceive nor betray anyone

Love and protect life; spread peace and harmony

Under no circumstances be aggressive.

Original Text: OSTI et Ordre du Temple

Kind Courtesy of:

Original Text: OSTI et Ordre du Temple
Kind Courtesy of:

Music: “Lavender Heart Ashes”, by Soulwire
Kind Courtesy of:

Images: Video Background, LLC
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