Teach me how to trust.

Teach me to trust these things
so that I may enter my Sacred Space
and love beyond my fear,
and thus Walk in Balance
with the passing of each glorious Sun.

Remembering the Future To Find Peace In the Present by Alan Seale

It seems that everywhere I turn these days, I hear people talking about uncertainty. It appears to be at every level of society, from personal to global—a sign of the times in which we are living. Over time, uncertainty can lead to fear and insecurity about the future, taking a big toll on our sense of well-being and confidence.

In Transformational Presence Coaching, we use a tool called “Remembering the Future” to help navigate the uncertainty of the road ahead. It can help us discover the greatest potential waiting to unfold, and then show us how to create a future in which that potential becomes reality. It’s an easy, intuitive process grounded in principles of quantum physics.

“Remembering the future” may seem like an oxymoron in our conventional ways of thinking. In our three-dimensional world, the reality that we experience is created by circumstances occurring in a specific time and space. It makes sense to us that we can remember the past because we have experienced it as a linear series of events that happened at specific times and in specific locations. Remembering the future, on the other hand, seems impossible since, by linear time standards, we haven’t yet experienced it.

However, when we expand our awareness and step beyond our conventional, three-dimensional reality, we can enter the quantum realm where there is no linear time-space continuum. There is no sense of past, present, and future as we think of it in everyday life. When we step into the quantum realm, the future is just as available to us as the past. We’ll talk about this a bit more below, but first let’s give you the chance to experience remembering the future for yourself.

So how do you remember the future? It’s a simple process that anyone can use at any time. There are just three simple requirements:

1. to accept that there is more available to you than what you can access through your five outer senses of seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, and smelling
2. to let your intuitive senses come alive
3. to pay attention and respond to what you discover.

It can be fun, and it can also bring a lot of relief!

Take time for the exercise below and see what you discover. I recommend that you read through the exercise first, and then give yourself at least 10 minutes to actually do it. Getting up and moving around the room or an outdoor space as the exercise suggests will bring the best results. However, if you are not able to move around, you can move your finger around on the surface of a table or on the arm of your chair to represent different time-space locations in order to receive the same effect.

Let go of your preconceived notions about whether or not you can do this and just assume that you can. And here we go!

Exercise: Remembering the Future

Begin by choosing a place to stand that can represent where you are right now in your life and circumstances. Take a few moments to breathe into this time and space to feel the energy of where you are, and to be aware of emotions. Allow yourself to be fully present with “what is,” yet not get swept away by it. Just be present with it. Remember that you are not your circumstances. Your circumstances are just what is happening at the moment.

After allowing yourself to fully experience where you are right now, move to stand in another spot that can represent a time in the future. You may want to assign a specific date to that spot, or you may choose for the spot to represent a time after your current project, challenge, or goal has been accomplished or resolved. Either way is fine.

As you step into the future spot, let yourself shift in your awareness so that the future time has now become your present. Notice what shifts within you as you symbolically step into another time, space, and circumstance. Take your time and notice where you are, what the date is, and what your circumstance or story is in this new setting. Gather as many details of circumstance and feeling as you are able. Let your intuitive senses come alive and serve you. Most importantly, let it be easy. Don’t force anything. Accept whatever comes without judgment or analysis. Just observe.

You may notice that already you are feeling better. As you stand in this new time, space, and circumstance, “remember” back to the date and time where you started this exercise, and remember what has happened between that time and the time you are standing in now. Let yourself intuitively remember how you got to be where you are now in this new time, space, and circumstance.

What new information, insights, or understanding do you have about the circumstance you were in at the beginning of this process? How did you get past the challenge that loomed so large back there in the place and time where you started? Let your intuitive senses give you the answer. Simply stay in this awareness and “remember.”

After you have gathered as much information as you are able at this time, take the feelings and awareness that you have in this new spot with you as you walk back to the spot where you began. It is very important that you bring your insights, feelings, and awareness from the future back with you to the spot that represents today. Don’t leave it all in the future. Bring it back with you to today!

As you stand in the spot representing today, notice how your relationship to your current circumstances has shifted. What new insights do you have about your next steps or the way forward through whatever may be happening (or not happening!) now?

The basic process of remembering the future is as simple as that. What you are actually remembering are possibilities of how your future could turn out. We understand both from quantum physics and from ancient wisdom teachings that we are constantly creating our present and future by the choices we make today. Three different choices today could lead to three different outcomes. You can adapt this process to go stand in the various outcomes created by each of the choices you might make. This can give you greater insight and wisdom for making the choices you face today. (If you want to explore these concepts further, see the e-book, The View From the Field, or my new book, Create A World That Works.)

If when you visited the future things were still really difficult, take in that information, and then move on to another spot further into the future, asking to be shown a time and space where things feel better, more manageable, or resolved. Be creative and flexible with the process. This is a very simple model that can be adapted in any way that will serve you.

On very rare occasions when I am leading someone through this process, they find that the looming issue does not resolve. If by chance this happens to you, as you continue to visit different points in the future and remember what is happening there, allow yourself to be present with “what is” without judgment or assumption. Be a compassionate observer. Ask what gift or learning is available to you through what is happening. And ask what choices you can make back in the spot where you started that might alter the future and lead to a different set of outcomes. There is a wealth of information and guidance available to us when we step beyond the limitations of our current time-space reality.

The uncertainties of today may be challenging, but they do not have to be paralyzing or debilitating. When we employ simple time-space awareness tools, we can often find the insight and guidance that we need in order to navigate the uncertainty with confidence, clarity, courage, and strength. The more often you practice remembering the future, the easier it gets and the more it will serve you in moving through every day with a sense of grace and ease.

Many blessings,

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