How Spiritually Intelligent Are You?

Introducing… the Deep Change Spiritual Intelligence Assessment

It’s like GPS for your spiritual journey.

What if you had a tool that could pinpoint where you are in your unique personal development journey? What if it could not only track the progress you’ve already made, but could also suggest your next best steps to becoming more aware, awake, and happy? Would that be helpful?

Too good to be true? Actually, it builds on established developmental assessment models. And it’s here.

First, there was cognitive intelligence (IQ). Remember those long, strange tests, and those hushed conversations in the hallway if a schoolmate scored in the “genius” range? While cognitive intelligence is crucial, researchers now agree that it’s just part of the picture of human intelligence—and often not even the best one for predicting career success or personal happiness.

Some 20 years ago, Daniel Goleman’s concept of “Emotional Intelligence” (EQ) revolutionized our ideas about smarts and how we show up in the world. The idea that how we manage our emotions and get along with others is a distinct, measurable, capacity that can be improved is powerful—and it quickly rippled through business and personal development circles.

Tangible, Deep Benefits

Spiritual Intelligence is an innate human capacity. But, like any intelligence (emotional, musical, kinesthetic) it must be developed. The Deep Change SQi Assessment will help you:

* Determine your current level of Spiritual Intelligence or “SQ”
* Discover the 21 specific skills that comprise Spiritual Intelligence
* Identify next steps in your personal, spiritual growth
* Get clear on the best practices for you, right now.
* Boost your confidence, knowing you’re moving in the right direction.

Meet Cindy Wigglesworth

After a decorated academic career, Cindy found herself struggling in the corporate world, over-developed in IQ and under-developed in EQ. So she put her intellect to work in service of emotional growth. She identified EQ skills she lacked, and dedicated herself to practicing and cultivating them. Her career blossomed and her personal life as a parent was enriched, all thanks to her deepened emotional awareness and skills.

But still, Cindy wondered: where did “spirit” fit in her path? She deeply felt her commitment to loving self, family, and the world at large—yet she wasn’t entirely clear on how fully she actually embodied these cherished values. Building on her work in emotional intelligence, Cindy theorized that if there was a thing as spiritual intelligence (SQ), it would contain skills she could learn and practice, just like anything else. She dedicated herself to testing this audacious theory.

The result of Cindy’s work and personal exploration is the Deep Change Spiritual Intelligence Assessment. It’s already found great success in high-level organizations, and now we’re excited to share this valuable tool with the Integral Life community.

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