Equanimous: The Book – A Channeled Revelation for Spiritual Growth and Wellbeing

Equanimous: From the Big Bang to Peace and Quiet in Every Community — A Channeled Dialog of Why You are Here and What You can do About it Right Now!

If an ancient energy being revealed to you that the conventional interpretation of 15 billion years of earth’s history was flawed and the cause of all human suffering, what would you do?

Write a book?

Channeled by Orranut Stephens through conversations with the energy being known as Master Jacob, Equanimous invites you on an incredible journey through the chronicles of human history to unravel the profound spiritual purpose of your very own existence.

From the awe-inspiring account of the universe’s birth and the incredible testimony of humanity’s previously unknown evolution, to dramatic revelations regarding to the lives of Buddha and Jesus Christ, Equanimous unfurls your forgotten energetic heritage, illuminating both the past causes of humanity’s modern tribulations and the enormous contribution you can personally make to earth’s golden future.

As our species approaches an epoch of major transformation, Equanimous asks you to leave behind the old interpretations of God, evolution and human purpose that have caused humanity to choose conformity over evolution and choose instead the spiritual practices of the Equanimous, handed down to us from species who have long since learned the true energetic purpose of life on earth.

The challenge for each human being is simple: Do you dare to evolve?


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