Terrorism, Fear and Spirituality ~ Sri Sri Shankar

The Norway shootings, where Anders Behring Breivik, calling himself a “crusader” for Christendom, killed 76 people, has shocked the world. This incident has brought forth a serious issue facing humanity — that of prejudice, intolerance and fear psychosis. The mindset responsible for such an act is most dangerous. Whatever religious color a terrorist may wear, or reason one might hold to justify such behavior, the basic issue is a failure to realize the importance of diversity and the underlying spiritual unity of humankind. Lack of interaction between cultures, and prejudice against other cultures, can take individuals and entire societies into such disastrous situations.

Multi-cultural and multi-religious activities are necessary to remove prejudices and phobias from young minds. It is absolutely essential that all nations embrace multi-cultural and multi-religious educations and celebrate diversity. When a child grows up thinking that other religions or cultures are not good, then he or she becomes ready to take other lives or give up one’s own due to the prejudiced mindset. Understanding a little about other cultures, religions and customs will help a child develop a sense of connectedness and a sense of belonging with everybody. When a sense of connectedness is present, one cannot harbor hatred for others.

All religions emphasize the principles of nonviolence, peaceful co-existence and values of friendliness, compassion and service to society. These common principles need to be highlighted and introduced early on in a child’s education. Even a small section of people with prejudices and misconceptions can prove dangerous to society. Unfortunately, in every religion today, there are people who are narrow-minded and thrive on creating phobia, prejudice and erroneous perceptions about other cultures and religions. Closed mindsets, limited interactions, and a sense of disconnectedness with other cultures and communities can lead to situations that can spark such violent acts.

Spiritual education is crucial to help individuals deal with anger and hatred. Without a means to control them, anger and hatred can lead to a situation where one loses sight of reason. When the ability to reason is lost, human values of tolerance and compassion are lost. Respect for life, which is the basis for all human values, is also lost as a result.

Terrorists have no respect for life. In reality, terrorists have no religion, no nationality and no philosophy, for they are blind to reason. Lack of spiritual education gives rise to domestic and societal violence on one hand, and suicidal tendencies on the other. When a person is frustrated, angry or hateful, you cannot expect brotherhood and non-violence to prevail. The sense of connectedness in society depends on how people are oriented to the principle of Ahimsa or nonviolence. If the values of nonviolence, love, friendliness and compassion are strongly ingrained in an individual, frustration or disappointments can be handled better.

We accept food, art and music from around the world. In the same way, we need to learn to accept knowledge and wisdom from every part of the world as well. We live in an age of globalization — we need to globalize wisdom also. Even if one part of the world lacks these human values of friendliness, tolerance and compassion, the world will not be a safe place, because that part can breed terrorism.

We need to address the root cause of these incidents of violence before it is too late. Often, peace-loving people are not proactive in promoting peace in society, and those who are proactive lack peace within. A combination of peace and dynamism is needed in society today. Though this may seem idealistic, it is not impossible. It is possible through right education and orientation. Each one of us can play a role in educating people on the human values of friendliness, compassion and non-aggression.

Human values are social and ethical norms common to all cultures and societies, as well as religions. They represent a melding of social progress and spiritual growth. Religious and community leaders should rethink how they can reduce extremist tendencies in their communities. When attention is given to the spiritual aspect of one’s life, it brings up responsibility, a sense of connectedness, compassion and caring for the whole of humanity. Spirituality upholds and sustains life. It breaks down the narrow boundaries of caste, creed, religion and nationality. Spirituality gives an individual awareness of the life present everywhere. It is only through this awareness and the uplifting of human consciousness that violence in the name of religion can be eliminated.

Becoming a Universal Species by Barbara Marx Hubbard

Every personal crisis is an opportunity to change, to grow, to evolve. We all face crises. We have deaths in our families; friends become ill; we may lose our jobs. Each of these crises is necessary to jolt us from our daily routine, our planned path, and give us the chance to move to a new level.

Every crisis a species faces is, similarly, an opportunity to evolve. Our species was faced with a crisis millions of years ago when our ancestors’ environment changed from forest to grassland. Our ancestors took the evolutionary leap and learned to walk on two legs. This freed hands for tool use, and that resulted in larger, better brains.

As we approach 2012, humanity faces crises related to
global warming and climate change, world economic systems,
nuclear arms–and the list grows.

The great difference here is that we are the first species that knows it is facing crises of its own making that could render us extinct or empower us to evolve. This awareness marks the beginning of the first age of conscious evolution.

We belong to the first generations to face crises that could destroy our own biosphere. As a species, we have faced that possibility since the development of the atomic bomb. But at the same time, many millions of people are waking up, asking, “What can I do?” The answer does not lie with old governmental systems or educational institutions, nor with religions, but with innovation and creativity in every field.

As the danger accelerates, innovation grows.

The crises now converging can bring an end to the dominator culture–with its over-population, separate-mindedness, environmental abuse and weapons of mass destruction–as our species makes its first conscious leap to our next phase. We have been told that we are at a bifurcation point, where the human species can either go down to further collapse, or make a positive shift through collaboration and connectivity. It depends on what we do.

We are at a “chaos window.” The system is out of balance. It can not continue by doing more of the same. We must innovate and transform, or we will devolve and self destruct. And there isn’t much time to make this choice.

The key to our possible rapid evolution is to connect what is working in every field and function toward a sustainable and evolvable world. It is to learn “social synergy” through collaboration and co-creativity. The very effort to connect the positive will evolve us toward the next phase of our species. We could become a “universal humanity,” capable of co-evolving with nature and co-creating with Spirit.

Our conscious evolution is being accelerated by the non-linear, exponential connectivity of what is emerging, through social networks of all kinds, driven by sacred activism, that is action from the heart for the common good.

I believe that, by 2012, we can share together a “planetary birth experience,”
the awareness that we are one planetary body with the technology,
resources and know-how to make it through these crises together.

Already we see enough innovations in technology, in health–in every sector–to give pioneering souls the vision of our birth as a universal species. Such innovations are breaking through in every area, but they are not visible in the media, or in our mainstream politics. You can see them with “evolutionary eyes,” that notice what is breaking through out of what is breaking down.

Our new capacities, especially in science and technology, make our next evolutionary leap very different from past changes. The next stage will be born not from random selection and survival of the fittest, but from the conscious choice of creative people working in synergy, integrating and applying our spiritual, social and scientific capacities.

Technologically, we’re gaining the powers once attributed to gods. Advances such as biotechnology, nano-technology, robotics, artificial intelligence and worldwide communication through the Internet put us on the threshold of no longer being creature humans.

We are going to be co-creative humans, universal humans, and I think eventually
we will be a universal species on this earth, in the solar system, and in the galaxy.

Our spiritual capacities are ancient, but in the past people projected their own innate abilities onto gods, masters or institutions. Now, millions of us are now feeling the spirit within ourselves, becoming spiritually activated: co-creative humans. We are bringing the gods home as our own evolutionary potential.

We can appreciate our challenges without judgment. In the social realm, no one has ever before been asked to evolve a planet. There are no experts. Nobody on this earth has seen a co-evolutionary, co-creative society. We are being asked to divine the design of social evolution–to design a world.

What is forming right now is a worldwide community of pioneering souls, a communion of people attracted to expressing and giving their gifts to the world. When we meet each other there is an instant rapport. The connectivity of such evolving humans is rapidly creating a resonant field, and a new critical mass of coherence and creativity that can shift the direction of human history.

As we probe into matter we find, through quantum physics, that there is no matter, that underneath energy there is a field, and underneath the field there seems to be an ordering process. It looks as though the most advanced scientific research is tapping into the mind of the cosmos–seeking to understand the way consciousness itself creates.

I am a proponent and practitioner of sacred activism, the sacred part of conscious evolution. When I ran for the Vice Presidential nomination in 1984, I proposed a Peace Room that would identify the work of sacred activists. It would scan for and map connections and communicate what is working in the world to mobilize for constructive action. This is beginning to happen now. The Foundation for Conscious Evolution is working in collaboration with others to bring the Peace Room, now called the Synergy Engine, into reality. The worldwide web, which was in its infancy in 1984, gives us the tools to scan for what’s emerging and bring people with ideas together. Scaled-up synergy and fast connections will let us show people how to apply conscious evolution in their own lives, for their own benefit, and for the greatest good of their neighbors and all of humanity.
The greater the emergency, the faster the emergence.
The situation itself is empowering.

The new society will involve people who see common goals and then match their talents with the needs of others. While we are increasing global intelligence by making creative ideas available for synergistic cooperation, we will also re-localize, as each person gives their gifts where they are needed.

We have the most wonderful opportunity humanity has ever faced. Without crisis, humanity would not make the leap to evolve into a new culture. As a species, we would remain in our fairly comfortable rut, fearing the unknown effects of change. The crises surrounding 2012 force us to change our society and ourselves. The new social structures we consciously create will not encourage survival of the fittest, in the old evolutionary paradigm. Rather they will free each of us to make our own unique contributions. It will be what Jonas Salk called “the survival of what fits best.”

As a global society, we will experience more synergy, as people with varied skills make vital connections. But that society will also be localized, as people share the results of that synergy where they are most needed. I envision local synergy centers, so people can connect with one another where they live and act based on local needs. These centers would help people develop alternative currencies to empower them to go beyond over-monetization to support collaboration and co-creativity.

It is important for us to share our visions of a universal humanity. This much we can already see: If humanity succeeds in moving to the next evolutionary stage, we will have expanded, and extended, intelligence. As members of one living planetary body, we will have matured into a consciousness of the whole system. We will have longer life spans. We will have powers we once projected onto gods, but those powers will be our own.

We will restore the Earth, free ourselves from deficiencies, develop synergistic social systems, release untapped human potential, inhabit the solar system and eventually become galactic humans. We will be born as universal persons.

A noted futurist, author, social architect and speaker, Barbara Marx Hubbard is a founding board member of the World Future Society and co-founded the Foundation for Conscious Evolution. Barbara is the producer and narrator of the award-winning DVD series Humanity Ascending: A New Way Through Together. She’s written five books: The Hunger of Eve, The Evolutionary Journey, Revelation: Our Crisis Is a Birth, Conscious Evolution: Awakening the Power of Our Social Potential, and Emergence: The Shift from Ego to Essence, Ten Steps to the Universal Human.

Barbara earned a BA in political science at Bryn Mawr College and studied at L’Ecole des Sciences Politique and the Sorbonne. She earned the first Doctor of Conscious Evolution degree awarded by the Emerson Theological Institute. She currently lives in Santa Barbara, California. To learn more about Barbara, visit http://www.BarbaraMarxHubbard.com.

2012 The Dark Rift – Part 1 & 2

Things to come…
This video series is dedicated to:
‘The Veiled Prophet’
Mr. David C. Owens (who’s words inspired)

2012 The Dark Rift (part 2)

Things to come…

A look into the devastating effects we may encounter leading up to 2012.

The Shift of The Ages by Bob Frissell

For thirteen thousand years, we have been in separation. We see everything as polarized–good or bad, up or down, hot or cold. We judge everything that happens, which keeps us in this mode of perceiving. As an example of this separate way of looking at life, if your body gets cold you think of a fire or a heater; you think of something outside yourself. This has led to our increasing dependence on technology. We become weaker when we keep giving away our power to technology–that is, to external objects. We then become dependent upon these objects, and soon get to the point where we can’t do anything for ourselves.

Oneness does not understand this. It doesn’t know what “needing” anything means. Aboriginals, who remain in unity-consciousness, and other indigenous people, do not know what “need” means; whatever they need just appears because they are in harmony with nature. If we really knew, we could just think the thought “warm” and it would be so. We have the capability to change anything in the reality from within. But many of us feel that we are just people, with no power and no say regarding how things are in creation.

The larger truth is that we can change anything in our environment
under certain circumstances—when we are in unity and not in separation.
The spirit of God can move right through you.

Sixteen thousand years ago, while on Atlantis, we violated galactic law. After a disagreement about how to handle an approaching comet–the remnants of which are scattered throughout four states–the descendants of Martians decided to separate from the Atlantians. They created a powerful energy field that went totally out of control and nearly destroyed the earth. We were on a very high level of awareness at the time, far beyond where we are now, but by committing this illegal act we fell many dimensional levels until we landed in this current, dense aspect of the reality. There are no accidents, however. In the cosmic scheme of things, this “fall” was necessary in order to allow for a greater possibility. We are now about to leave this place of separation and return to unity-consciousness. The whole world is. We have only a short time left before we will no longer be in separation. This is not going to be happening someday; it is happening now.


All dimensional levels of this world are here and present, right now, and interlinked. The only difference between dimensional worlds is their wavelengths. Wavelength is the key to the entire universe. Dimensions are separated from one another by wavelength in exactly the same way as notes are on a musical scale. Any octave on the piano has eight white keys and five black keys, which together give its player the chromatic scale. The thirteenth note is actually the first note of the next octave, and these octaves keep repeating themselves in either direction. Between each note and the next are twelve harmonic, holographic points; in dimensional terms these are called “overtones.” That makes one hundred and forty-four dimensions in the octave.

There is a void between dimensions. Each dimension is also separated from the others by a ninety-degree rotation. If you could change wavelengths and rotate ninety degrees, you would disappear from this world and reappear in whatever dimension you were tuned to. This planet has many different worlds; they are all right here, but our consciousness is tuned to one particular wavelength. For example, if we were to go up one level, which we are in the process of doing, we would find that whatever we think, as soon as we think it, instantly manifests. We would also be in light bodies.

Earth’s spin axis, in addition to being tilted twenty-three and a half degrees, wobbles. This change in position causes the equinoctial points to regress by one degree every seventy-two years; it changes the viewpoint of one zodiacal constellation every two-thousand-one-hundred-sixty years, making one complete revolution every twenty-five-thousand-nine-hundred-twenty years.

Seen from the North Pole, the axis traces an ellipse. At perigee on this ellipse, we are closest to the center of the galaxy; at apogee, we are farthest away and moving in a counter-clockwise direction. Our consciousness is directly related to this aeonic movement. As we move toward the center of the galaxy, we wake up; as we move away from the center we fall asleep. From a tiny wobble, we literally shift dimensional levels, stepping not only into brand new worlds but also into a completely different way of interpreting the one reality. Simultaneously, great physical changes occur, no less than the poles shifting (i.e., the planet turning over in space).

It is not at the two points closest and farthest from the center of the galaxy where this shift happens, but rather at two points nine hundred years removed from each of them.

We sit, now, right at the turning point of beginning to move back
toward the center of the galaxy and start waking up. At one-hundred-eighty degrees opposite the last shift, the next one is imminent.

Though there has been great fear over the coming changes, with certain groups of people building shelters and storing food, fearful that land-masses will sink, that may not happen this time; it may be a more gentle ride. The speed at which we are evolving is changing everything. We are moving so quickly that a whole new possibility never before dreamed of is emerging. For a complete understanding, please see Nothing in This Book Is True, But It’s Exactly How Things Are.


Comet 17P/Holmes shocked astronomers on October 24, 2007, with a spectacular eruption. By mid-November the expanding comet had become the most visible object in the solar system—bigger even than the sun. Since then, the comet has faded back into invisibility.

This exploding “Blue Star” was the fulfillment of a two-hundred-year-old Hopi prophecy, opening a seven-year window and putting us in the “end times.” The Maya are in agreement with the Hopi, as both cultures are conscious survivors of Atlantis and hold the memory of Earth’s past twenty-six thousand years.

This means that sometime between now and 2015 or so, we are very likely to experience changes almost greater than our ability to imagine: a physical pole shift, along with a consciousness shift into the fourth dimension. The exact date, according to the Maya, will almost certainly not be December 21, 2012; rather, it will happen sometime in this seven-year window.

The Maya remember the last shift, along with the one twenty-six thousand years ago. They say there are certain internal changes we must make in order not only to survive, but also rise to the next level. The keys, they say, are to stay out of fear, to be calm and balanced and to be in the heart. They say that Mother Earth knows the vibration of the heart, and that she will protect you through these times.


Since the dawning of the new millennium, two events have occurred that are changing everything. The first is the movement of the Earth’s Kundalini, which happens every thirteen thousand years and is tied to the precession of the equinoxes. The Kundalini is related to the Earth’s spiritual growth process. Every time it moves, it has a new vibration, which in turn takes us to a new level of consciousness.

The second major event was the birthing of the new grid in January, 2008. A grid is a geometrical, electromagnetically shaped “fishnet” about sixty miles above the globe, encircling the entire planet. Each of the earth’s approximately fourteen million species has its own grid; humankind has three grids, one for each level of consciousness. The conception of the new grid began thirteen-thousand-two-hundred years ago. The recent birth of the completed grid lasted about one month, with the assistance of Polynesian elders. The unity-consciousness grid has been fully formed and birthed. It is now alive and conscious; it is a living energy field around the Earth, and this changes everything.

Mother Earth has made a conscious decision to move into the higher
overtones of the fourth dimension.

These two events have put us into a different potential world. We are now in a heart-based energy field; when you connect to it, a new possibility opens up. This means that our spiritual acceleration will quicken dramatically—there is nothing left to stop it.

It also means that within the next seven years or so (from October 24, 2007), the entire cycle that we are in now will disappear in a single day. In its place, a whole new world will be birthed, one based not on the mind, but rather on the heart. We are right on the edge of the emergence of this world. Everything is in place; the Kundalini has moved, the grid is alive. Yet most of the world continues in its old pattern, thinking this is the way it will be forever and hardly imagining that something incredible is about to occur.

This is a time of great celebration, as we move out of the darkness and into the light. The veils will be lifted; we will remember and live our intimate connection to all life; we will be allowed to reunite with our cosmic brothers and to move about the universe. We will completely redefine what it means to be human!

Bob Frissell is a master rebirther and teacher of thirty years whose books are regarded as underground spiritual classics. In addition to Nothing in This Book Is True But It’s Exactly How Things Are, he is the author of Something in This Book Is True and You Are a Spiritual Being Having a Human Experience. His books have been published in seventeen languages and are available in more than thirty countries. Bob has been a featured speaker at The Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists in Bangalore, India, the 4th Annual Symbiosis Gathering at Yosemite, The Prophets Conference in Tulum and many New Living Expos. He has also appeared on numerous talk shows, including The Jeff Rense Program, and has been a three-time guest on Coast to Coast AM. He has presented his workshops throughout North America and Europe.

Bob was trained by Leonard Orr, the rebirthing pioneer, and by Drunvalo Melchizedek, the originator of the Mer-Ka-Ba and Unity Breath meditations. He gives private rebirthing sessions along with his two workshops: “The Breath of Life (Rebirthing and Emotional Healing)” and “The Flower of Life (Sacred Geometry and the Mer-Ka-Ba).” Visit http://www.BobFrissell.com.

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