Angelic Human Race

“When angels visit us, we do not hear the rustle of wings, nor feel the feathery touch of the breast of a dove; but we know their presence by the love they create in our hearts.”
~Mary Baker Eddy

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Eckhart on Evil

Q: If Being, or God, is the creative source of all energy and thoughts, and thoughts from the ego are a negative form of energy, don’t these negative thoughts originate from Being? In other words, did God create evil?

A: That kind of question has been asked and talked about by many philosophers and it has remained a kind of stumbling block in the Christian religion. So let’s see what the intuitive answer is. In this sense-perceived universe, if you want to use anything here to compare God to, the most appropriate thing would be the sun. The sun is the source of seemingly inexhaustible energy, and the giver of life. The very heat in your body comes from the sun indirectly.

The sun of course is not eternal, but compared to the human life span it can be considered virtually eternal, it’s so much vaster. And it gives freely of itself, millions and millions of years of pouring out energy. Now let’s say the sun is in a process of becoming conscious of itself, because my intuition is the Universe, or rather that which underlies the Universe, or the One behind the many, is in the process of becoming conscious of itself in the dimension of time. The One also exists in the timeless dimension, where there is no past and future.

So God, to use that word for a while, in the timeless, God is already complete and perfect. But it seems that in the realm of time, God is becoming conscious through all these life forms. Now if that were the sun, then in the process of becoming conscious, the sun continuously emits zillions of photons, light particles. Let’s say the individual photon is part of the process of becoming conscious for the sun. Now in that process, the individual photon would undergo a change of consciousness arising. Temporarily, the individual photon, as it becomes together with the sun, as consciousness arises it mis-perceives itself as a separate entity. It no longer realizes its oneness with the sun.

There’s a continuum, it never really loses connection with the sun. So temporarily, as part of the process of becoming conscious, it believes itself to be separate. It’s a temporary thing. While it believes itself to be separate, it creates all kinds of illusions that reflect the basic illusion of separateness. That’s basically where we are at, where humanity is at. The human being is the photon, the sun particle, so to speak. The consciousness within is the consciousness of God, there’s only one consciousness. And that consciousness, in the process of the whole becoming conscious, mis-perceives itself temporarily. And that creates the illusion of separateness in the individual human. That creates the illusion of the identification with form, which is the illusion of separateness. That’s seeing oneself as a separate entity. The stronger that illusion is, the more that gets reflected in its actions outside, which then become deluded. And that’s called evil.

Ultimately in evil, nothing is destroyed. The essence of all life forms is eternal. But on its own level, it’s not pleasant. From the point of view of the larger whole, it’s only a brief dream episode that takes place as the One is becoming conscious. So that is the answer to “Did God create evil?” So the teachings that say that evil ultimately is not real, of course that is correct. But it’s a question of levels. If you look at it from one level, it has a certain reality.

The fact that it ultimately is not real does not mean that on this temporary level it does not appear very real. But it must be recognized as deluded. Evil can be defined as complete identification with form – that is the illusion. The more an entity is identified with form, the more evil the entity seemingly creates, and the more suffering is created. What’s the answer? The answer of course is why we’re here. We are the arising of the answer. The answer is not just the answer, it is the end of the illusion of separateness and the end of so-called evil.

Spirituality And Technology: Finding The Balance ~ Bhanu Narasimhan

We live in a time where ‘google’ happens to be amongst the first 100 words a child learns — a time where we do not have to extend our hand to make a friend, just a tap of our finger on a smartphone is enough. Today, a whole universe of information is available at our fingertips and an entire network of people, known and unknown seem to be apparently connected to each other, yet not really there in the true sense. Families separated by thousands of miles can see and talk to each other with the help of technology. Children from remote villages get a glimpse of the world outside through a host of technological instruments. In the field of medicine, medical diagnosis greatly relies on the accuracy of the medical technology that it uses.

As creators and users of technology, we have been greatly empowered. Yet this power often comes at the cost of increased reliance on the same technology. Our enthusiasm to explore and know about life is often limited to Internet searches. We do not go out and explore nature. While it is of great help to have information available at the touch of a button, nothing can replace the experience of touching the snow or feeling the coolness of a flowing river, experiencing the majesty of the Colorado Rockies or the tranquility of Yosemite.

While it is much easier to learn about anything by connecting to the Internet, the enthusiasm of discovering and learning firsthand is vanishing at a rapid pace and only the virtual experience remains. This, by no means is the real thing.

We need to discover ways in which technology can help facilitate our spirit of enquiry. What is the middle-path in the use of technology and how do we find it? It is a fine line that balances knowing how much to depend on information and when to rely on intuition. It is a skill, to deepen our knowledge with information, yet broaden our vision with the real experience. This skill and balance are essential to avoid the risk of overexposure and fatigue, to keep the creativity flowing and the enthusiasm rising. This is where spirituality becomes a big asset.

Spirituality is not a dogmatic rule. It is dynamic action, continuously accommodating and adapting to changes in circumstances and the environment. It makes you ever accepting of change. This ability to adapt is essential in a technological environment where the need to upgrade and update oneself is imperative to staying ahead. In the race to keep up with technology, we should not forget the mind that created it. We are used to charging our phones and laptops. But what can we do to re-charge ourselves? For the human mind to be more effective, it needs to be charged through meditation.

Meditation — The Technology for Mind Management

Meditation brings centeredness. It is the subtler technology for mind management. It calms the agitated mind. It connects us to our source and brings us back home to ourselves. It is important that we connect to the inner-net and not just the inter-net.

A mother knows intuitively what her child needs even before the child begins to speak. She is a master of the language of the heart. This ability to connect with life around us is innate and needs to be nurtured. Spirituality is the key to this cosmic connection. When we know that we are the source, that we are ever connected to the supreme intelligence, we can move ahead with a sense of belongingness and responsibility for the transformation we bring about with the technologies that are available to us. The same finger that can unleash a nuclear bomb can also spread peace. Walking this line of balance with effortless grace is the skill that meditation brings in us so naturally.

Living the values of caring and sharing, of seeking the highest truth and ultimate joy, of giving love and wisdom, are the signs of an individual blossoming to his or her full potential through spirituality and technology should be an aide in this journey to make life a celebration.

Bhanu Narasimhan is the Director of Women and Child Welfare programs of the global non-profit Art of Living Foundation. A senior meditation teacher, she is the chairperson of the International Women’s Conference, February 3-5, 2012. The conference’s theme is “Women and Technology”.

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