Mantra Yoga and Primal Sound by David Frawley (Pandit Vamadeva)

Secrets of Bija (Seed) Mantras Foreword by Thomas Ashley-Farrand

Perhaps the most detailed book available on the yogic meaning of the prime seed mantras and letters of the Sanskrit alphabet along with their application for body, mind and spirit. Unfolds secrets of how to use mantra with pranayama and many esoteric meditation practices. Examines the usage of mantras in all the main branches of Yoga (Hatha, Raja, Bhakti, Jnana), Tantra, Veda, Ayurveda, Jyotish and Vastu, as well as relative to Kundalini and the chakras and major Hindu deities. An excellent reference guide for years to come.

Click here to browse inside

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