The junction point between unity and diversity – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

1. Dr. Bevan Morris: One member of the press asks about Maharishi’s frequent references to the junction point–the area between the field of unity and the point of infinity. What is the junction point, and what is its practical significance?

2. Junction point is the junction point of unity and diversity. The junction point is very basic to what we want to achieve: All possibilities lively in the awareness of the individual. Then that individual will be utilizing all the laws with reference to dynamism and all the laws with reference to silence. This will be a perfect level of life.

3. Vedic Education, including the six Darshanas, trains the individual to use his total brain.

4. The junction point in Yoga terminology is called Samadhi: The Intelligence is even on the dynamic level
of awareness, and on the silent level of awareness.

5. Silence is lacking in education. When silence is lacking in the field of action, the individual becomes tired.
Now we are planning to establish beautiful oases in the desert.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is considered one of the foremost scientists in the field of consciousness.

The flow of fullness in the Gap – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

1.Dr. Hagelin: There are a few questions, Maharishi, on some very deep principles and interesting principles that arose from your press conference of last week. If Maharishi would like to address one of these questions, it has to do with the nature of the gap and a comment that Maharishi made about that: Maharishi frequently speaks about two basic values of life-silence and dynamism. But Maharishi also speaks of what seems to be a third value, which is neither silent nor dynamic, and that is the gap which balances the two. Then last week, Maharishi said that silence is upheld by the devata Shiva, and dynamism is upheld by the devata Vishnu, with the devata Ganapati “holding the reins of coordination between the two.” Would Maharishi please talk more about Ganapati? And is the gap, in fact, a distinctly third value? And finally, how does it balance silence and dynamism?

2. Maharishi: Gap is like a tunnel. The train comes; it enters into the tunnel, and then comes out of the tunnel. The word for this flow is purnat purnamudachyate: “fullness emerges from fullness.”

3. In the mantra of the Veda, the previous word transforms itself in the gap into the following word. The previous fullness flows through the gap and comes out to be another fullness. That is how the whole Constitution of the Universe is a flow of fullness.

4. The process of evolution is a flow from fullness to fullness. And it is this, ultimately, that is said to be Brahm.

5. Vedic Science is a perfect science of life. It’s a science of unity, and science of diversity, in one expression.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is widely regarded as one of the foremost scientists in the field of consciousness.

Tao-Te Ching: Expressions of Consciousness

The Tao-te Ching, a classic of the literature of enlightenment, expresses the same reality of life as the Vedic literature of India. Speaker: Dr. Bevan Morris, President of Maharishi University of Management.

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