The world is like a snake in the string – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

The world is like a snake in the string – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

1. (Dr. Dillbeck:) This question Maharishi from the Community Television, Montgomery Community Television in Rockville, Maryland. Many Sages have talked about the illusory nature of life, what is it about our experience that is illusory and what is the experience of one who has awakened from that illusion?

2. Maharishi: Direct case of illusion is in the state of the dream.

3. The world is like a snake in the string. The string is there, but when you are not able to see the string properly, then you make a snake out of it.

4. The snake world is just like illusion, and when you are awake, when you know the string, then there was no snake.

5. The snake is just the physiology. Every fiber of the physiology is an impulse of consciousness. Different bodies are the various expressions of the one reality of consciousness.

6. There are seven states of consciousness, waking, dreaming, sleeping, TC (Transcendental Consicousness), CC (Cosmic Consciousness), GC (God Consciousness) and UC (Unity Consciousness).

7. Vedic knowledge means knowledge of all these seven states of consciousness.

8. Now is the time of the world to have an administration of life in unity consciousness.

9. Proper administration is administration through education, where the individual is trained to use the total brain.

10. The full brain of the individual is used only when the Transcendental Consciousness comes to direct experience. Transcendental Meditation, enlivening the full creative potential of the brain physiology, enables
a man to function from the level of Total Knowledge. Total Knowledge is Veda.

11. Highly enlightened individuals will create permanent peace on earth.

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