Enlightenment, Money & Fulfilment / Enlightenment, Self-Effort & God’s Grace ~ Maharishi

Money Is Not The End Of Life

Our movement is one of the fulfillment of desire. Those who desire money are surrounded by it…. and those who think that money is not everything, then that is there. It’s all a matter of what one likes, you know.

Rushing around all the time is a psychological hang-up. The activity in the transcendent is more speedy than anything on the surface. So one doesn’t have to rush around on the surface.

The activity of the movement is to raise the effectiveness of the mind…. I think that money is not the end of life. For some it may be…. The whole of the Gita is what Krishna told Arjuna: ‘You transcend, Arjuna’–the way to get what one wants.

Enlightenment is insured with a regular morning and evening program. Other times, enjoy.

God Helps Those Who Help Themselves
Maharishi’s Press Conference, 7. May 2003

Question: How is enlightenment achieved? Is the state of enlightenment achieved by mechanical means through regular practice of Transcendental Meditation, or does enlightenment become established through the Grace of God?

Maharishi: Both things are the same thing. We remember a phrase: God helps those who help themselves.’ God helps those who help themselves. So one’s own effort, and we give credit to the Almighty God. God helps those who help themselves. When we know how to light a lamp, we should light a lamp. And then when we light a lamp and then suddenly the darkness is gone, we say: Oh yes, thank God. Always we have God in our awareness.
God is that fullness, fullness of all possibilities. And that is characterized in our own Ātmā, in our own Self. Self-referral consciousness is a total disclosure of–we can say God’s Grace, God’s Will. And then we say Merciful God.

All these things have been throughout the ages. Now we begin to see a better world in the same old Light of God, same old Light of Natural Law, same old Light of Consciousness, of intelligence, infinite creative power. All these are beautiful exhortations about our own creative potential. Everyone’s own creative potential.

God is within you, within me, within this, within that, within this. So much so God is Omnipresent. God is Omniscient. Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent. That’s why throughout the ages human awareness has been wanting, has been trying, has been associating with this field of intelligence, a lively field of all possibilities. In this generation we say Transcendental Consciousness. Because for Omnipresent, for Omnipresent, one has to transcend the field of change. So Transcendental Meditation brings transcendental field of consciousness, Unified Field of intelligence.

Self-referral is the value of the Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent field of God’s Grace. There is some joy in saying God’s Grace. I am doing this. I am doing this. There is some kind of not such pleasantness. Not such fabulous expanded awareness. But God, there is some warmth in it. Some warmth in it. There is some real upsurge of intelligence in it. It is something. It is beyond words. Something real. Something very, very real. And that reality is, when our own awareness transcends the boundaries. When it transcends boundaries then it’s unbounded, omnipresence of God.

Something profound. It is beyond speech to describe it all. It’s a great reality of life. It’s a great reality of life. It’s a great joy of life.

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