How To Deal With Spirits ~ Maharishi Mahesh Yogi(Squaw Valley, 1968)

Question: Please tell us more about the spirits, and is it possible for a spirit to enter one and one not know it or one be by spirits and not realize that it is happening?

Maharishi: Everything is possible, yes. But sure enough, those who meditate, spirits don’t come to them anymore.

Question: Sometimes I feel spirits and I feel presences.

Maharishi: Any time you feel the presence it, it will be good to find out, whether it is rooted in the inner activity of the system anywhere–if there is any sensation in the body or something. Whenever you feel something, some presence or some such thing, close the eyes and feel the body and see if there is any sensation anywhere. Maybe due to that particular type of sensation, some unwinding of that particular type produces that hallucination, it may be that.

Hallucination, at the time of hallucination it is a very real perception, only it does not exist. [laughter] Just like a dream. At the time of dream it is very real. Only after that time we know that it was a dream.

Now we’ll verify whether it is a real spirit from outside trying to influence us or whether it is some sort of unwinding from within and due to that our vision is taking that form. Both could be a possibility.

How to verify? First we verify within ourself. When we see something–close the eyes and very naturally, normally, innocently feel the body. And if we are not feeling anything and if it is all quiet, feel that quietness, maybe after a few seconds some sensation develops here. And then be on it, be on it and feel it, feel it until the sensation goes away and then open the eyes.

If the figure is yet standing before us without any sensation within us, then continue to check for the second time. Close the eyes. [laughter] Because before finalizing, better we check twice. And when we have checked, maybe after a few seconds of silence again something starts. We feel it and feel it until it is gone. And when it is gone we wait for about a minute to see that it is not coming back again.

And when we don’t see it again then we infer that it was due to some inner unwinding of some sort of stress which was causing that type of vision. There was nothing of outer spirits. We may verify this two, three times.

And if we don’t find anything inside, then we will think that something is there of the outside value. Then we say ‘Come on, welcome to you, we meet in the transcendent’. [laughter] And then we start the mantra and the mantra goes ‘ding’, ‘ding’, ‘ding’ [laughter]. Because if it is a spirit, real something, then it comes to us to find a rescue in this body to refuge. This is a refuge for the spirit.

And then if we want to give it a refuge, then give it a refuge in bliss consciousness. By the time he’ll fly away thinking that we are too big for him to be occupied. Just like a poor man, he can’t take courage to enter into a castle. He has to be a king, maybe of another castle, but he has to be a king to feel bold to step in.

Any spirit that might try to enter us would just stand outside and wait and go away, feeling that it is too precious a castle to enter. Therefore we don’t feel afraid, we just either feel the body or take the mantra and go deep and let it follow if it can. That is how we meet the situation.

And there is absolutely no need to be afraid. Nothing, because these spirits can’t do anything to you unless you start accepting them–positively or negatively. Negative acceptance is ‘Oh, he is coming, he is coming, he is coming’ [laughter] Fear. We are accepting it in fear. This is negative acceptance.

We just don’t take notice of them. And meditator’s thought force, the whole structure, the whole thing, is so precious that it can’t be occupied by these spirits. They are too confused in their structure…

Question: Why spirits pick on some people and why not on others?

Maharishi: There is a proverb ‘Survival of the fittest’ is the law of nature. If there is some good, comfortable nervous system, good soothing and the mind is weak, and intellect is dull, then in that dull intellect, when the mind is not wide awake, a spirit may try to come in.

The reason will be a good quality of nervous system and weak indweller–beautiful body and weak indweller. The inner man who dwells in the body and sometimes goes out of the body when the body is useless.

A house can only be entered by someone, who sees from outside ‘It must be a good house, comfortable house’. And the man who is living there is so weak and he comes in and suppresses the man and turns him out. Or for some time suppresses him, eats whatever is there in the beautiful kitchen and rests in the beautiful bed. He uses the house, goes away, leaves the house to that weak man. Sometimes he comes back again and the weak man is suppressed.

For the body to be possessed …(break of tape) …this huge, enormous, expanded mind cannot be suppressed by any spirit. Because the spirit itself is a very confused entity. Highly confused people become spirits–a man, those who commit suicide or who have no direction in life, completely confused and in that confusion the body ceases to function and they die. Then they have not paved a way for their where to go. They remain hovering in the atmosphere in the form of spirits.

All these spirits want to have a comfortable place somewhere.

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