Does the Unified Field have a Creator? – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

1. Dr. Hagelin: Maharishi, we have a question from the field of religion that I think is very interesting. It says: Maharishi, I am a religion writer and I have a question about God. Maharishi speaks about the Unified Field as being a field of infinite silence and infinite dynamism. My question is, Does the Unified Field itself have a Creator? Or is it God?

2. The Unfied Field is nitya and apaurusheya. Nitya means eternal, and apaurusheya means not made by anyone. Unified Field is a self-sustained, eternal reality endowed with all the values of silence and all the values of dynamism.

3. Within the mass of unmanifest, eternal, uncreated reality, all possibilities are lively. That is why we say Almighty. It is shruti, smriti, and purana. It’s unmanifest, total reality–light of God.

4. There is no creator of it, no sustainer of it, no inducer of it. It is its own scientist; it is its own technology. It is on its own total knowledge; it is on its own total action. It is a field of all possibility, and that is what the word means: light of God

5. Veda is not anybody’s creation, it is its own voice, its own memory. This is that light of God, not created by anyone.

6. One reveres Mohammed or Christ or Buddha, but the light of God is on its own, uncreated by anyone.

7. The Light of God is not human imagination. When it comes in human imagination, then it ceases to be human imagination-then it is God’s imagination, it’s the light of God.

8. Aham Brahmasmi, Ayam Atma Brahma, all these beautiful exhortations are not manmade. Man may participate into that existing value and be honored with that.

9. The science, the scientist, technology and the technologist, they are all one. And its characteristic is unmanifest, all possibility, invincibility. To unfold that is the purpose of education

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