Consciousness Explained Better [updated Feb 18, 2012]

Consciousness Explained Better is a unique contribution. This compact volume represents thousands of years of humanity’s struggle to understand consciousness from a wide variety of perspectives. It is an up-to-date digest of the search in bite-sized chapters.

Allan Combs has managed to encapsulate and synthesize vast bodies of thought and research without dilution. He has made even the most mind-twisting arguments and questions comprehensible, and he has brought forward scholarship and rigorous inquiry in language that speaks to the heart as well as the head. This book satisfies with its comprehensiveness yet intrigues with all that still remains enigmatic.

It brings forward the yearning, the brilliance, the awe, and the outrageous audacity of our search to understand conscious. It reminds us that, in a world where much of our lives on a mundane basis has been reduced to the trivial, the logistical, and the manageable, everything about that world and about ourselves is still completely beyond our grasp. We still live and move in the Great Mystery.”

—-From the Foreword by Jenny Wade, author of Changes of Mind and Transcendent Sex

Table of Contents
The Introduction
Chapter 1 – A Word Worn Smooth
Chapter 2 – Never at Rest
Chapter 3 – Four Streams of Experience
Chapter 4 – From One Great Blooming, Buzzing Confusion
Chapter 5 – The Adult Mind
Chapter 6 – States and Structures of Consciousness
Chapter 7 – The Hierarchy of Minds
Chapter 8 – Horizontal and Vertical Evolution of Consciousness
Chapter 9 – The Many Faces of Integral Consciousness

Allan Combs, a pioneer of Integral thought and practice whose name may be familiar if you’ve ever heard of the “Wilber-Combs lattice”, speaks with Ken about his latest book Consciousness Explained Better.

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