Q&A Sample – Can the ego surrender itself to the light of consciousness?

An eloquent summation of the dysfunctional mind pattern that is the ego and what happens to it in the face of awareness.

The Thyroid – The Occult Center of Clairaudience

The Thyroid is responsible for the production of hormones that can regulate the functions of our entire metabolism. When this gland is not functioning adequately it can be accountable for many different types of unbalanced situations in various degrees of severity, and many times they can be ignored, where-as others can be so accentuated that they can be seen as life threatening. The thyroid secretes the hormone that controls the heart beat, blood pressure, mental activities and other diverse functions of the human metabolism in general.

The Yogis from India teach that the throat chakra’s root comes from the Thyroid gland. They say this chakra has a lotus with 16 petals, a marvelous gland that presents a glowing auric field that is ecstatic; they refer to it as an amplified ear that is able to register frequency waves or sounds that are not necessarily audible to our human ears. This amplified ear is called Clairaudience; therefore the Throat chakra is the center of this Clair. They also teach that it is through the throat chakra and the thyroid development that we reach the “conceptual synthesis” of consciousness. They insist that matter is nothing but condensation of the ether and the ether is the condensation of the Tattwa Akasha. For the Yogis, Akasha is the primordial sound or vibration of the universe, and its instrument in humans is the throat chakra.

The level of spiritual attainment through the development of this center is so great, that Tradition teaches that though the improvement of the thyroid center, humans can learn how to regulate and control the Akasha element which would enable the soul to continue to exist even during the long nights of Brahma, or the nights of the great Pralaya.

The thyroid is located in the anterior part of the neck, and it produces the hormones T3 and T4, which regulate our growth, digestion and metabolism.

The thyroid is a red gland which is formed by two lobes united by an isthmus forming a perfect triangle, much like the forming of a butterfly. The wings are lobes present on the side of the throat.

The two lobes of this gland are situated on both sides of the laryngeal prominence, commonly known as the Adam’s apple[1].

Rosicrucian doctors reassure that the thyroid gland is influenced by the planet Venus, and the Parathyroid[2] glands are in turn, influenced by the planet Mars. According to Dr Arnold Krumm-Heller, there is an unending energy battle between these two sets of glands.

[1] The laryngeal prominence—commonly known as the Adam’s apple—is a feature of the human neck. This lump, or protrusion, is formed by the angle of the thyroid cartilage surrounding the larynx. The term “Adam’s Apple” is derived from the forbidden fruit in the Biblical account of the lives of Adam and Eve (although the name of the fruit is not mentioned in Genesis) and refers to the prominence of the lump in males (hence, Adam) more than females.

[2] Parathyroid glands (we all have 4 of them) are normally the size of a grain of rice. Occasionally they can be as large as a pea and still be considered normal.

Source: http://humanityhealing.net (http://s.tt/15SrK)

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