Mapping Consciousness ~ Peg Donahue, Karen Kallie, RN, MACP

In these times in which we live, the pace feels accelerated. Change is rapid and often comes in tumultuous ways or through trying circumstances. It is more imperative than ever that we strengthen our consciousness and notice where we put our attention and use our energy and intentions in response to everyday life and the world around us. Developing our consciousness may indeed to the single most important thing that we can do in any time but it is even more crucial in times of crisis.

To develop the energy of our consciousness is to develop the power necessary to move through difficult times with strength and clarity. Opening to higher levels of consciousness puts us in touch with the spaces vital to creative problem solving and the ability to see possibilities rather than getting mired in fear. Becoming aware costs nothing, yet it offers so much.Becoming aware opens our eyes, our ears, our hearts and our Selves. Becoming aware helps us to develop love, forgiveness and compassion towards ourselves and others. Becoming aware helps us to view life through a deeper lens.

About ten years ago Dr. David Hawkins wrote a book called Power vs.Force, in which he speaks about living from your inner source of power (your Self) vs. spending your life reacting to outside forces. His message is even more relevant today.

Using kinesiology to measure “truth,” Dr. Hawkins calibrated emotions on a scale ranging from zero to one thousand. Tests consistently demonstrate that the body becomes weak in response to unhealthy mental stresses, emotions and attitudes, and the body stays strong in response to healthy emotions such as love and joy. In Dr. Hawkins work, the calibration range of 200 became the balance point. Emotions below 200 calibrated as weak, and everything above 200 was categorized as strong. The good news is that our collective consciousness is becoming stronger.

In his later book, The Eye of the I, (p.29), Hawkins states, “…the consciousness level of mankind as a whole remained at 190 and was unchanged for centuries until, suddenly in 1986; it jumped across the critical line from falsehood to Integrity and Truth at 200 and on to its current level at 207, which indicates progressive integrity and truth.” The emotions on the scale are emotions that we experience throughout life. We all have ups and downs. We have good days and other days when nothing seems to go right.

The important thing is to recognize this and to actively choose to spend more time in higher emotional and feeling states that the lower ones. Various tools and techniques can help each of us develop our ability to pivot out of the lower emotions and move into the higher realms.
The more we experience the higher emotions on a regular basis, the healthier and happier we are likely to be. In addition, as each of us raises our own consciousness, we are helping to raise the collective consciousness of all of mankind and our planet.

The emotional levels within the Map of Consciousness* from high to low are:

Level Calibration
Enlightenment 700 –1,000
Peace 600
Joy 540
Love 500
Reason 400
Acceptance 350
Willingness 310
Neutrality 250
Courage 200
Pride 175
Anger 150
Desire 125
Fear 100
Grief 75
Apathy 50
Guilt 30
Shame 20

Below 200, Hawkins found that life is about survival … just getting through things. Above 200,people begin to care for others in addition to themselves. At the level of 500, which is achieved by about 4% of people worldwide, the data show that the motivating force is the happiness of others.

Many others, in addition to Hawkins, are spreading a similar message. In their book, Ask and It is Given, Esther and Jerry Hicks provide a series of practical tools and techniques for moving up a similar emotional scale. They tell us that everyone can have precisely what he or she desires by coming into alignment with the vibration or the energy of what we want. They state that since we are already a match for what we are getting, we simply need to realign our energy patterns to match that of what we truly desire.

To paraphrase Wayne Dyer, the author of The Power of Intention, if you keep on doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you are getting. The way to get what you truly want is to align your thoughts, feelings and intention with it. Thus, if you want things to change, you have to change the way you look at everything, the way you think about everything and the way you experience everything. Once again, this is the same message as that of Hawkins and Hicks. Our thoughts, feelings and yemotions draw circumstances and events to us just as much as we use
them to push things away.

Lynn Grabhorn presents a similar message in her book, “Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting.” Grabhorn relates many anecdotes and stories of how our thoughts and feelings influence our lives. Once again, the consistent message it that the power is within each of us to be, do or have whatever we desire. We simply need to tap into our consciousness and become aware of our Selves. When we tap into our inner resources, we can shake loose the patterns that have locked us in place and begin anew.

Similar information about health and health patterns is coming from other areas as well. Stories of people who rid themselves of illness or whose symptoms disappear after a diagnosis serve to strengthen the belief that the frequencies of everything are influenced by our energy fields, including our positive and negative thoughts. Thus, the power of positive thought and positive energy is immense. Norman Vincent Peale wrote about this years ago in his book, The Power of Positive Thinking.

All this information keeps coming back to the same foundation: our consciousness. We have a tremendous power to heal ourselves from within and to be fundamentally happy. How we think and how we feel influences our life and what happens around us. We can see that the lower emotional energy patterns, the ones that Hawkins calibrates below 200, are the ones that limit our health and happiness, while the higher ones expand it.

The Map of Consciousness provides new awareness regarding feelings and their effects. It also highlights the importance of managing our inner world of thought and feeling. There are many tools and techniques available in this regard that can help develop a strong foundation for daily life. Explore the possibilities! Embark on a journey of discovery an adventure to a new SELF! For today, perhaps just choose to be happy no matter what!

Copyright 2010, Peg Donahue, Karen Kallie, RN, MACP

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