Maharishi on Guru Dev and the Holy Tradition of Vedic Masters

A beautiful Question about the Nature of Love towards Maharishi and Maharishi’s answer:
Guru Dev and our love for Maharishi
Rishikesh, 1968

Question: Something comes frequently to my mind, but I do not really dare to ask you that. But in the end I probably will ask you anyway.

MAHARISHI: Be bold. (laughter)

Question: It is very personal and it has to do with the Holy Tradition. I have more feelings and affection towards you than to Guru Dev. Guru Dev is more like a passed away grandfather to me, someone I do not really know.

MAHARISHI: A very scientific evaluation, it is very natural.

Question: It don’t feel uncomfortable to do the offerings to him, but I don’t know how to have feelings of an overflowing heart towards someone I don’t really know. Is it possible to kind of transfer the love towards you also to Guru Dev?

MAHARISHI: Yes. The greatness of the gardener is in the full bloom of the beautiful flower. And that is it – we enjoy the flower and hold high the gardener.(laughter) The gardener is not there, just from the flower we know he must have been good and great.

Love for me is very natural, it is just very natural. But what we are faced with here is the effect that the attitude of the initiators is going to produce in the preservation of the knowledge. The attitude of the initiators, generation after generation, in the preservation of the wisdom.

Reverence to me is alright, but what I intended from the beginning was that – personal I am just an individual, just out of nothing – but something that is coming on from times immemorial, this great Holy Tradition coming on from times immemorial and because it speaks of truth, it represents the truth, and that is why it is coming on.

And therefore this movement which has in view thousands of years of human population, should be tied down to something eternal. Fortunately for the world Guru Dev happened to be Shankaracharya. And therefore we got both the things – not only the knowledge, but the most valuable tradition has been attached to this knowledge.

When I started the movement I could have started a religion. So many religions have been coming up and coming up. But I thought another religion will be another river flowing towards the ocean. It won’t present to the world the source of all the rivers, which again ultimately is the ocean itself. All the clouds they come from the ocean and then the streams go back to the ocean.

Just for that thing with thousands of years ahead in view, I thought not the person but the photo of him, who has been the source of this wisdom for me, Guru Dev. Directly he is the source of wisdom for us, very directly. I know the reality of all this. It has only been due to the innocent surrender- innocent sense of service, just innocent sense of service.

And his personality was so great, it is all divine. And just as the midday sun, the blazing sun, is just…that great sun of the divine effulgence, it just held me gripped in his grandeur. And very naturally the transparency of all that he stood for. And all what he stood for was pure divinity, pure knowledge, eternity, absolute.

This imbibing of the knowledge of integration of life in totality, in completeness, is from that level of innocent surrender. It is now that I am able to analyse the whole thing and see the mechanics which have brought the whole wisdom in its completeness from both points, practical and theoretical.

During those days I was just living Guru Dev. I was living him in my life. That’ s innocent. And it was this that has grabbed the wisdom. It was a great fortune for all the future times that he was taken to be the Shankaracharya, installed as Shankaracharya. Therefore whatever wisdom came, it came in all the dignity and fullness, complete fullness of it.

And that is the reason why for us it is of immense value that we tie down our feelings and our emotions and our understanding, everything to him who really presents the last point of the tradition nearest to us. Very, very important. It is absolutely important.

And fine, it is no harm singing of the glory of the bulb that is there, but all the glory is transferred to the powerhouse. Actually electricity is generated there. (laughs) And therefore not an individual, but the most illumined star in the galaxy of stars. And to him we point our mind and heart and this. It is fabulous to have that thing…

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