Science, Consciousness & Swami Vivekananda

Science, Consciousness & Swami Vivekananda

Dwarka, India – 12,000 Year Old City of Lord Krishna Found – *Full*

Graham Hancock – Underworld: Flooded Kingdoms Of The Ice Age
Lost city ‘could rewrite history’

Graham Hancock interview for Know Drugs – “bringing honesty into the conversation”

I do not believe that is our race, or our religion, our gender, our height, our looks, our job, our sexual orientation, or any other superficial characteristics that define us as human beings. Trumping all these by a country mile, it is our consciousness — the most intimate, precious, sapient, unique and individual part of ourselves — that is really the essence of who and what we are. Indeed, at the deepest level it is what we are — to the extent that if we are not sovereign over our own consciousness then we cannot in any meaningful sense be sovereign over anything else either.

For these and many other reasons I strongly oppose the “war on drugs” which, in my view, has created an engine of oppression and control in society by which the State claims the right, purportedly in our own interests, to regulate our very thoughts and inner experiences, and to trespass the sanctum of our consciousness.

I was recently interviewed by Cara Lavan of on the subject of drugs, the drug war, personal freedom and cognitive liberty. The interview, which is embedded here, captures some of the key points that I feel have been neglected, and must be taken into account, if we are ever to get to grips with these issues in society.
— Graham Hancock

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“We think there’s something missing in the conversation about drugs and we’re setting out to change that. Connect to Know Drugs and help bring honesty into the the debate.”

Graham Hancock: Fingerprints of the Gods

Art Bell interviews Graham Hancock.
The conversation centers on Hancock’s ‘Fingerprints of the Gods’ book. It’s an intriguing discussion if one has the time/patience to sit through it.

There’s a short delay when transitioning between segments.

Birth 2012 and Beyond Humanity’s Great Shift to the Age of Conscious Evolution By Barbara Marx Hubbard

Can humanity act in time to tip the scales in favor of a sustainable planetary civilization, given the rapid escalation of crises that threaten our survival?

In her newest book, Birth 2012 and Beyond: Humanity’s Great Shift Towards the Age of Conscious Evolution , beloved visionary and evolutionary educator Barbara Marx Hubbard answers this critical, timely question by describing her personal quest to solve the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced: our choice to either quickly evolve to a more sustainable and compassionate world, or face the real possibility of devolution and destruction of our life support systems.

Birth 2012 and Beyond presents her solution: the Birth 2012 Campaign, whose purpose is to herald and catalyze a “shift of our planet to a new era of conscious evolution,” and which will culminate in a great initiatory event: a global Birth Day celebration to be held on December 22,2012 and broadcast worldwide. The Campaign and this climactic event will highlight those systemic changes in all sectors of society needed to create what Hubbard calls “a whole-system shift.”

Hubbard will embark on a multi-city tour this year, concluding the Campaign with the Birth Day event, which aims to reach 100 million people globally. “This Campaign is much more than a book tour,” said Stephen Dinan, CEO and founder of The Shift Network and of the new book imprint Shift Books. “It emulates a great political campaign in harnessing the positive hope people have for a better future. Our goal is to inspire people worldwide to come together in an unprecedented way to co-create a thriving new era with visionary yet practical solutions.”

In Birth 2012 and Beyond, Hubbard shares her lifelong journey to discover how we can “cross the gap” from our current systemic breakdowns to a more hopeful and evolved future, sharing her many innovations along the way, including:

• the need for a symbolic planetary “Birth Day”
• that our many crises have a positive aspect – they are “evolutionary drivers”
• how we apply the concept of “conscious evolution” now
• the imminent appearance of the “Universal Human”
• her concept of “vocational arousal” and “supra-sex”— joining together to cocreate
• that we are at a “chaos point” when a creative minority can positively tip the scales

A Distillation of a Life-long Campaign for a Positive Future

Hubbard is best known for the time when her name was placed in nomination for the vice presidency of the United States by the Democratic Party in 1984 after conducting a campaign for what she called the Office for the Future—or, a “Peace Room as sophisticated as our war room.” In just a few months, ninety Positive Future centers sprang up across the U.S. in response to her call. And today, once again, scores of new centers—now called Evolutionary Shift Circles—are forming in response to her continuing vision, and are one of the key components of the Birth 2012 Campaign.

Hubbard’s myriad pioneering efforts for over four decades have made her a revered and leading spokesperson for ushering in a gentler planetary “birthing experience” – the emergence of anew civilization. It all began in a spectacular vision that Hubbard was given in 1966, in which she foresaw such a historic, turning-point event: the ultimate awakening of the social, spiritual,scientific, and technological potential of humanity.

During her Birth 2012 Campaign, Hubbard aims to realize her ultimate goal: to connect the innovations and innovators contributing toward a more synergistic and functioning society, or as she describes it in the book: “A convergence powerful enough that our crises-ridden social system can cooperate in its own self-transcendence. This would be social synergy at its best—the exponential interaction and communication of that which is already working to heal and evolve our world.”

Birth 2012 and Beyond is comprised of the following sections:

Part I, “Envisioning the Birth,” offers a rich summation by Barbara of her vast life work and features an illuminating interview with colleague Jan Phillips.

Part II, “Participating in the Birth,” explains how readers can participate in the Shift now, in two phases: inner shifting from ego to essence, and outer shifting by creating social synergy—as well as, activating what Barbara calls the “Wheel of Cocreation,” a potent representation of the “whole-system shift” that she says is now needed.

Part III, “Welcoming the Birth,” features essays from 12 luminaries who are in esteemed their respective fields. Contributors include: Dr. Jean Houston, Lynne Twist, Jack Canfield, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Dr. Ervin Laszlo, Neale Donald Walsch, Lynne McTaggart, James O’Dea, Dot Maver, Rinaldo Brutoco, Oscar Miro-Quesada, and Ashok Gangadean. Collectively they have soldhundreds of millions of books and touched the heart and minds of people around the globe.

Part IV, “Resources for the Birth,” provides a comprehensive guide to useful tools for supporting for the Birth, including Hubbard’s most important recommendations.

Birth 2012 and Beyond
is a small book with a huge purpose for humankind: to bring to millions of people a far greater awareness of the potential of our Planetary Birth and our emergence as a universal species. It reminds us that we are the first humans to be given this opportunity to participate in the conscious evolution of humanity and Earth, and that each one of us is needed as an agent of conscious evolution!

About the Author
A world-renowned evolutionary educator and inspiring speaker, Barbara Marx Hubbard is the author of six acclaimed books that communicate the new worldview of conscious evolution. Barbara is the co-founder and chair of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution, and additionally co-founded many progressive organizations, including The Association for Global New Thought, as well as The World Future Society. In 1984 her name was placed in nomination for the vice presidency of the United States on the Democratic ticket. In her current work, she acts as a guide and teacher for The Shift Network’s popular Agents of Conscious Evolution training. Barbara’s previous books include: The Hunger of Eve, The Revelation,Conscious Evolution, Emergence and the 52 Codes for Conscious Self Evolution.

barbara marx hubbard Archive – Book Trailer: Birth 2012 And Beyond.

Eckhart Tolle speaks on the Tao Te Ching

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