THE SOUL SOLUTION Enlightening Meditations for Resolving Life’s Problems ~ Jonathan Parker

Revelatory answers in the search for meaning can seem to be the privilege of only the most evolved, brilliant, or blessed beings. But motivational counselor and teacher Jonathan Parker puts those answers within grasp. His step-by-step soul-solution process addresses that most profound of human quests with techniques that prompt transformational shifts.

Refined over Parker’s decades of counseling experience, these meditations and self-guided practices explore fear, meaning, ego, love, abundance, and healing in ways that will connect you to your core — the soul, beyond body and mind, from which real understanding and lasting fulfillment flow. By merging with this source, you will discover the love and peace that already exist inside you, allowing negative thoughts, painful memories, and limiting patterns to dissolve easily. By doing so, you will begin to experience the soul’s limitless gifts and replace endless searching with joyful, enlightened, and empowered being.

8-minute interview with Jill Bennet. Jill asks Jonathan the following questions:

1. Aren’t all meditations supposed to be enlightening?
2. What does the book [The Soul Solution] focus on?
3. Do we have only a percentage connection with our soul or are we disconnected?
4. How do we stay connected with our soul when our lives are so busy?
5. Does connecting with the soul ever get easier and become second nature?
6. Is it possible to go through the day with no mood swings or ever have a bad day?
7. What if a person is skeptical about the soul?
8. Where would a person begin to change their life around?
9. What should be a person’s experience with meditation?


Jonathan Parker

For over thirty years, Jonathan Parker has been a counselor, author, and creator of one of the largest libraries of audio recordings for personal enrichment and self-directed growth in the world. His unique, spiritually based methods go far beyond traditional motivational and self-help techniques, empowering others to rise to an enlightened life and develop their innate potential.

His wide spectrum of programs tap the deepest reservoir of human capabilities and inspire success in achieving the highest of human potentials. His programs have touched the lives of many thousands, lifting them to achieve personal excellence and financial success, vibrant health, winning performances, and the heights of the human spirit.

His recordings, workshops, and retreats offer inspiring and life-changing experiences. Jonathan lives with his wife, Jackie, in Ojai, California.

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