Mirror of Consciousness (Art, Creativity & Veda) by Dr. Anna Bonshek

Mirror of Consciousness ambitiously traverses a wide range of themes pertaining to art creativity Knowledge and theory. Its unique perspective lies in its exposition of Vedic Science as brought to light by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and in the application of the principle of this science to a preliminary analysis of the Vastusutra Upanishad. No other publication comprehensive vision.

To do justice to the topic of universal value in art and theory, the author has delved into several areas that impact the visual arts – late twentieth- century debates in art theory models of historiography new definitions of culture and tradition in the context of the individual’s own consciousness or simplest form of awareness. Though comprehensive and detailed it will appeal to those who are curious about trends in the visual arts the advent and impact of new technologies and the development of collective consciousness in our time.


Preface vii
Introduction 1
Part I: Art As A Language Game: Lamenting The Loss
OF Universal Value 6
1 Modern Art and Theory: Created by a Genius: Art Evokes Universal Aesthetic Emotion 11
2 Indian Theory: Art and Santa 25
3 Postmodern Arts as a pluralist Language Game: Pointing to the Unnamable 31
4 Beyond Postmodernism: Universal Value in Art and a New Sense of self 45
Part ii: Accessing and Enlivening a Universal Field of
Pure Consciousness. 52
5 Pure Consciousness: The Universal Self-Referral Source of
Creation 56
6 Developing Higher States of Consciousness through the Practice
of the Transcendental Meditation Technique the Tm-Sidhi
Program and Yogic Flying 76
7 Scientific Research on Maharishi’s Technologies of Consciousness. 101
Part iii: The Veda And The Vedic Literature: The
Complete Disclosure Of Nature’s Creative
Mechanics 108
8 Self- Referral Consciousness as the Structure of Rk Veda The
Holistic Value of Natural Law at the basis of Creation. 112
9 The Mandala Structure of Rk Veda 139
10 The Forty Aspects of the Veda and the Vedic Literature and their
Qualities of Intelligence: Impulses of Consciousness as the
Structuring Mechanics of Rk. Veda 146
11 The Absolute Value of Each of the Four Vedas Rk, Sama, Yajur,
and Atharva Veda. 154
12 The Vedanga and the Darsana: The Expansion and Submergence
of Self-Referral Consciousness and the Phenomenon of Cognition 163
13 Upa-Veda The Subordinate Veda or third cluster of the Vedic
Literature 176
14 Ayur Veda Brahmana and Pratisakhya: The Final Three Cluster
of Natural Law. 187
Part iv: Natural Law: The Universal Foundation of
History Traditions, Culture, and Language 214
15 The Purpose and Dynamic of History: The Rise and Fall of Natural
Law in the Cyclical Unfoldment of Consciousness 216
16 Tradition: Different Modes of Activity Governed by Dharmas 232
17 Culture as the Expression of Specific Laws of Nature: Governing
Geography, Climate, Mannerism, Language and Accents of
Different Peoples 245
Part v: The Artist as a Universal Human Being Creating
Universal Value in Art and Aesthetics 259
18 The Role of the Artist: Spontaneously Functioning From the Level
of Natural Law 262
19 The Creative Process: Operating From the Level of Nature’s Creative
Mechanics 272
20 Universal Art and its Effects 303
21 Aesthetics Value and Aesthetic Response: Leading the Viewer
Toward bliss and a Unified Self 314
Part vi: Uncovering The Details of The Nature and
Structure of Pure Consciousness in the
Vastusutra Upanisad 326
22 Re- Contextualizing the Vastusutra Upanisad: Uncovering Wholeness 329
23 The First and Last Sutras: Containing the wholeness of the Text
in Seed Form 343
24 The Artist and Creative Process knowing what Consciousness is
and what It is Made of 349
25 Form or Rupa: Unmanifest to Manifest 365
26 Point, Line, Grid, Triangle, Square, Circle, and Number as Values
of Consciousness 376
27 Transformative Futures 396
Notes 405
Appendix 441
Bibliography 462

Dr Anna Bonshek, is a founding director of the Prana World Group, a founding director of Akshara Productions, a collaborative, multi-arts organisation and director of Akkshara (USA). Over ten years Akshara Productions has completed new digital media art works involving dance, music, performance, text and animation, featured at the Visual Arts Gallery, Delhi, India and Novosibirsk State Museum, Kazaksthan. Prior to this Dr Bonshek worked as Director of Web Content at USA Global Link Inc., and was Assistant Professor of Art and Vedic Science at Maharishi University of Management (MUM), USA. An artist and writer, she has exhibited her artwork worldwide, including in USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Kazaksthan, and India.

Dr Bonshek was Regional Reviewer and Regional Editor for Chicago-based journal New Art Examiner and among her publications are the books “Mirror of Consciousness: Art, Creativity and Veda” (2001) and “The Big Fish: Consciousness as Structure, Body and Space” (2007). She is a contributing editor to the ground-breaking 30-volume series “Consciousness, Literature and the Arts” and is a principal contributor to the forthcoming publication “Consciousness-Based Education and Art, Volume VII.”

Dr Bonshek has expertise, in the areas of creative endeavour, the visual arts, design and digital media, higher education, and personal development and has worked and lectured in the USA, England, India, Cambodia and Australia. She has received awards from the Royal Society of Arts, the Science Policy Foundation (UK), the InterSociety for the Electronic Arts (ISEA), the National Endowment for the Arts and the Iowa Arts Council (USA), and has been a Visiting Fellow at the University of Tasmania, Jane Franklin Hall.

Dr Bonshek has a long-standing interest in Vedic knowledge, individual and social development and the principles of Vedic architecture (Vastu) and design. She is a certified Vastu Coordinator and brings a unique aesthetic to her work and creative pursuits.

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