The Modern Book of the Dead: A Revolutionary Perspective on Death, the Soul, and What Really Happens in the Life to Come by Ptolemy Tompkins

What happens to us after we die?

It’s a question people have been asking since the dawn of time, and entire civilizations have been shaped by the ways in which they’ve answered it. All the world’s religions offer their own perspectives on what happens to us after death, and even in the modern world, where the existence of the soul is so often questioned, channeling and near-death experiences have kept those ancient questions alive all the same.

So it is that in today’s largely secular society, thousands still continue to turn to ancient texts like the Tibetan and Egyptian Books of the Dead for consolation and inspiration. Like the world’s other great sacred works, these Books of the Dead offer wisdom, hope, and comfort. But because they’re so old, the material they present needs to be seen within a modern context in order to be truly useful. If “What happens to the soul at death?” remains perhaps the single most important question we can ask, then whatever answer we find should incorporate not just ancient wisdom, but also the fruits of modern experience. The Modern Book of the Dead does just that.

Author Ptolemy Tompkins grew up in a family where questions about the shape and fate of the human soul were discussed on a daily basis, and he has explored those concepts in his critically acclaimed books The Divine Life of Animals and Paradise Fever. But as he explains in his boldly unconventional new book, it was only with his father’s death that he began to think about death in a genuinely concrete way—as something that really and truly will happen to each one of us.

Part memoir, part history of ideas of the afterlife, and part road map to what might truly await each of us when we leave our bodies behind, The Modern Book of the Dead is a wise and courageous book that approaches the question of the afterlife in a refreshingly intimate manner. Weaving together philosophy, science, stories of near-death experiences, and theology, the author comes to one amazing and uplifting truth: that somehow, human consciousness lives on after death. Both inspiring and intimate, this is a modern meditation that allows the reader to think about death in an all-new way.

Ptolemy Tompkins examines how the different spiritual traditions across the millenia have viewed death and the afterlife in his latest book, The Modern Book of the Dead. He discusses the common elements of ancient and traditional beliefs as well as the results of near death experiences, and how taken together they present an enormously convincing and encouraging argument for the continuance of life after death, with its implications as to how to live our lives today.

Listen to the entire interview Here

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