Rock Your World with the Divine Mother: Bringing the Sacred Power of the Divine Mother into Our Lives By Sondra Ray

The Divine Mother is known by many names and takes many forms. In Christianity, she is the Virgin Mary. In China, she is universally loved as the goddess of compassion, Quan Yin. In Hawaii, Pele, the goddess of fire, manifests in the form of a woman near the volcanoes. In India, she is embodied by Kali, Lakshmi, Tara, and other goddesses.

The fusion of feminine qualities from all religions and traditions, the Divine Mother can be a nurturing presence and a powerful guide along your individual spiritual path. Through stories, prayers, and teachings, Sondra Ray enthusiastically escorts you into the profound reawakening of the sacred feminine in the hearts and minds of seekers throughout the world.

Ray describes her pilgrimages to holy places where she has sought the divine feminine, from the revered Baca Valley in Colorado to the Himalayan foothills. Her reflections on Amma (the hugging saint), Mother Teresa, Mary Magdalene, and other Divine Mothers, as well as men like Shastriji and Babaji, who embrace the feminine aspect of divinity, provide insight and inspiration as well as suggestions for worship and renewal. Ray’s delightful and awe-inspiring adventures, coupled with insightful teachings and prayers, show how embracing the Divine Mother can help attract more love, abundance, clarity, and wisdom into your life. In Rock Your World with the Divine Mother, Ray demonstrates that the Divine Mother’s presence is essential for both inner peace and peace in the world.

Sondra Ray on Quan Yin

Sondra Ray presents the Quan Am Buddhist Monastery and Sculpture Garden of New Zealand in this beautiful video of these Quan Yin statues of the Divine Mother. Joined by Patricia Wylie, she comments on the importance of the Divine Mother in these times of global change.


by Randy Peyser

Sondra Ray has been at the forefront of personal transformation ever since she first introduced the practice of rebirthing to the New Age movement back in the ‘70’s. She is the author of many books, including, Loving Relationships, Volume I and II.

In her new book, Rock Your World with the Divine Mother (New World Library), she talks about the power of the Divine Mother to help you create miracles in your life.

Sondra leads 3-day “God Trainings” focused on spiritual practices related to the Divine Mother, Babaji., and A Course in Miracles. She also leads rebirthing workshops and trains rebirthers all over the world.

Randy Peyser: In your book, you share many experiences you’ve had with spiritual teachers who you perceive to be an extension of the Divine Mother. One of those people is Ammachii, who is known as “the hugging saint.” Years ago, I had an experience of meeting her. I was surrounded by hundreds of people who were chanting, but I wasn’t feeling particularly moved. At one point, though, I closed my eyes, and within seconds I was blasted with white light. It kept coming in big waves. When I opened my eyes, I saw that Ammachii was extending her arm like she was throwing this light, and she was laughing. Can you explain what was happening?

Sondra Ray: Ammachi is light. She is able to handle more light in her body than most people. She is probably the highest female saint on the planet today in a body that is alive. She can extend this light anytime she wants, anywhere.

Because she is total light, she doesn’t have an ego, so there is nothing to interfere with her light. We all are light, but most of our lights are dimmer because we have an ego and she doesn’t. She has no separation from God. That is why she is able to perform miracles and hug 15,000 people in one sitting, which no ordinary person could ever do. Her light is constant and it never diminishes.

So she gave you a big dose in that moment. I can’t say why she gave it to you individually in that way, but it’s a blessing for you. When we are surrendering in that moment, we can feel it. So, somehow in that moment you surrendered enough to feel it. If we are always surrendered to the Divine Mother, maybe we’d feel it in that way, too.

Randy: You are known as an expert in the realm of relationships and rebirthing. What led you to the Divine Mother?

Sondra: I was traveling all over the world. At one point, I was in Santa Fe and someone told me about a spiritual guide, named Beth. So, I went to see her, and even before I sat down, she said, “Oh you! ‘They’ want you to create something beyond the feminist movement.”

I asked for more information, but she had no further information for me. All she said was that I would have to decide if I would accept this mission. She advised me to create an altar and make my decision. I wrote to the Spiritual Hierarchy: “If I am born to this, I accept, but can I have more information?”

Suddenly, a wind like a ‘cyclone’ went through the house. I felt afraid. I didn’t know what it was. My left hip started hurting badly, too. Finally, I went to India. I did a ceremony with my girlfriends in the Ganges, and as we prayed, I looked toward the Divine Mother Fire Temple and I got it: “It’s the Divine Mother movement, and the reason it’s beyond the feminist movement is because it includes men!”

I realized all the great yogis and masters I had studied with in India were males. The reason they were able to perform miracles is because they were all joined to the Divine Mother. My gurus were praying to the Divine Mother for hours every day. I started going to Navaratri, which is a festival of the Divine Mother, and we did nine days of ceremony devoted to the Divine Mother.

Randy: Is the Divine Mother specific to any one religion?

Sondra: The Divine Mother is beyond all religions. She is the feminine aspect of God, or you could say she was the original spark of creation or life force, which is also a feminine aspect. In India, they say there is nothing higher than worshiping the Divine Mother, because you are worshipping the life force itself with the spark of creation. Or you could say she’s the intelligence behind matter.

Many miracles happened when I asked to understand the Divine Mother. I hadn’t asked for miracles. I just asked to understand the Divine Mother, and for a couple of years, miracles kept happening, which explained to me all the power she has.

Randy: Can you give an example of a miracle?

Sondra: I had commissioned a painting of the Divine Mother from one of Babaji’s temple painters. She spent months on it in a little hut outside of Seattle. I got nervous about this painting because I had ordered a really big picture and I thought it might not go with my décor. Even though I hadn’t seen it, I thought it would be best if I just gave it to an ashram, and I told my decorator to do that. But he had a dream that he should hang it, so when I came home, it was hanging in my house.

As soon as I saw it, I gasped and said, “Okay, I surrender.” No one had been in my house for over a month, and the whole house suddenly smelled like roses for fifteen minutes. I fell on the floor and cried and apologized for my resistance.

Then the miracles got even bigger. Ash would come out of my Divine Mother pictures. Then there was this really huge miracle with the murtis, which are these statues in India – like the Virgin Mary statues – that cry real tears. Murtis have the living presence in them. I went to India with my students and I was in the caves when Babaji materialized. During that day, people all over offered milk on platters to the statues of the Divine Mother, and on that day, all the statues all over India drank the milk, which is not possible. The people rushed to get more milk and they ran out of milk all over India. This was reported on the BBC.

I asked my guru, “What is that?” He said this was the kind of miracle you see once every four thousand years. After that, I didn’t need to see any more miracles because I understood that the Divine Mother could do anything.

Randy: I’m intrigued by the statement in your book that “to be able to write this book I had to be shattered.”

Sondra: I meant my ego had to be shattered and all the things I had built to be in control. I had to go through the death of the ego and it was shattering. My mother died and I went into a dark night of the soul kind of depression. I was stuck in guilt. I had a thought of religious guilt.

Ammachii says you have to process your family shadow, your personal shadow, and your church shadow. That is what I had to go through – those shadows – which were like a dark side of one’s consciousness. The personal shadow would be your karma and past lives. The family shadow would be all the stuff from the past that you’d been taught by your parents that was wrong. The church shadow would be the ego of the church, which tells you, you are a sinner. I had to go through all three shadows. There is so much liberation, joy and excitement when you get through all of that. I felt like a new person. It was so wonderful to be liberated from the past. I don’t regret it.

Randy: You’ve used the word, ‘surrender’ a number of times. What do you mean by that?

Sondra: Surrender doesn’t mean giving in. It means giving up your resistance. Resistance is our ego, which is a false self that we made up to replace God. It is based on the thought that we are separate from the Source, the Mother, God, the Holy Spirit. You cannot surrender when you put up a wall around yourself. For example, are we keeping our errors, our negative thoughts? If we are keeping our errors, then the truth cannot come in and heal us.

The Goddess will solve all our problems if we surrender to her. She will create a huge transformation from the harsh patriarchy to a more gentle feminine spirit if we surrender to her. She will deliver us. The ivory towers we’ve built have to come down. The symbolic thing about the 9-11 towers coming down was very significant. Those two towers represented the ego, or our masculine side, or greed. As a nation we are going through a shattering. Maybe it’s good that as a nation we are finally going to melt down, and not know, and not be so cocky. With the Divine Mother, we’ll head toward more harmony, instead of war.

Randy: In your book, you observe that there is more sweetness in countries that worship the Divine Mother or Virgin.

Sondra: Right. Cultures in Spain and South America are steeped in Catholicism, but they have preserved the Virgin Mary in that religion. I noticed that in places where they really honor the Virgin – like in Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru and Spain – or in Portugal where they honor Fatima, I felt a real sweetness.

Randy: Can you talk more about your experiences with the Virgin Mary?

Sondra: The most profound experience was when my guru, Babaji, asked me to go to Medjugorje. This was in 1987 around the time of the Harmonic Convergence. In Medjugorje, the Virgin was materializing her body to a group of children. By the time I got there, it had been going on for quite a few years.

Everybody was Catholic, except for me. There was no town. A boy drove me to a farm. Some people were expecting me, but they couldn’t speak any English and I couldn’t speak any Croatian. I was there for ten days. I’d walk down to the church every day. It was three miles away. I would sit under the window where the Virgin Mary was appearing. Then a priest invited me in.

I was one of the few people who actually got to go inside. There were 20 Catholic priests in the apparition room from all over the world. The energy was so strong, one of the priests fainted, so they pulled him out and shoved me in, in his place. I got to sit right next to the children.

Imagine if the Virgin Mary appeared to you for eight years every day; you’d be vibrating at a pretty high level. These children were vibrating at such a high level they could actually see her. When they saw her, they went into rapture. Their eyes all went up at the same time and they started crying in ecstasy. Finally, all of us, including the priest and me, started crying.

The energy was just amazing. It entered my uterus. The pain was so sharp I thought I might faint. When I came out, people wanted to touch me. It was very intense. For four days, I tried to give as much energy as I could. Then I had to go into seclusion. I couldn’t even talk about it for a year without shaking. I finally wrote the book, Inner Communion, which helped me to integrate that experience.

The energy in that room was the same energy I felt in the ancient Divine Mother temples in India. Those temples were 5000 years old. I learned to recognize different aspects and forms of the Divine Mother, like the Virgin Mary in Christianity; Madame Pele, the Fire Goddess of Volcanoes; Quan Yin in Asia; and Durga and Lakshmi, among others, in India.

Over thousands of years the Divine Mother has taken form, but then she was suppressed. We’ve all suppressed our inner feminine way too much. We went into the patriarchy. It’s not men’s fault; it’s the fault of our society, and we all got addicted to the patriarchy. So now we are totally out of balance, which is why we have all these wars going on. There were cultures who worshipped the Divine Mother who weren’t a matriarchy. There were men and women, as equals, ruling together and there was no war. For example, they can’t find any war objects in Crete.

Randy: So, the new movement of the Divine Mother is not the same as the reconstruction of the matriarchy?

Sondra: No. We wouldn’t want that. That would be going to the extreme out of balance again. We must all honor the Goddess Energy – the life force – and we should honor that part of ourselves that is compassionate, soft and tender. This energy is within all men and women. To honor the Mother is ultimately to honor the life force. And when you honor the life force you don’t kill people. You don’t have wars. It’s a whole different framework. The old systems are going to have to unravel. They are the old paradigm.

Toward 2012, the planet is going to a new dimension, so the energy over these next five years is going to be very strong and a lot of things are going to change. The whole planet is going through an ascension process, which means more light and a higher vibration and quickening. If the planet is ascending, we have to be ascending with it. So we have to change.

Randy: How can we best work with the Divine Mother or invoke her?

Sondra: There are 108 names for the Divine Mother that you can recite. They are listed in my book. You can create an altar. Get a picture of the Virgin Mary, or Ammachii or a Goddess. Say the 108 names and offer a petal after each name. Every day, offer fresh fruit and wave incense in front of the altar. That will invoke her. Ask Her for guidance. When you get up in the morning, say, “Divine Mother, how can I serve You today? How can I learn about You today?”

That’s what I did. I never asked for miracles, I just asked, “What is the Divine Mother?” because I didn’t have any idea. Miracle consciousness is available to everyone, but miracles cannot be performed in a state of doubt or fear. I didn’t doubt or fear, so I could experience miracles, but they are possible for anyone.

ScienceCasts: The Super Moon of May 2012

Another “super-Moon” is in the offing. The perigee full Moon in May will be as much as 14% bigger and 30% brighter than other full moons of 2012.

The Neuroscience of Prayer by Uffe Schjødt

It’s a Brain Puzzle:

When we look at prayer through the lens of neuroscience, we can make an interesting observation: Talking to God is not really different from talking to one’s friends and neighbors.

Praying is in many ways a fascinating phenomenon. To the believer it is a direct method for communicating with God, an ever-present source of comfort in school, at work, while walking, running, or driving. To some praying is a communication with the ultimate power, something that inspires awe, feelings of unconditional love, and, indeed, a sensed presence of God.

To scientists however, praying is fascinating for different reasons. Praying is a puzzling human phenomenon, especially from the perspective of brain science. The brain did not evolve to communicate with invisible supernatural beings. Rather, the brain evolved to cope with challenges in the natural environment, to survive predation and develop tools, and to understand social groups and to interact with other humans. Though complex and highly distributed, these skills seem to recruit specific systems in the brain that point to an evolved set of cognitive functions that enable us to do what we do.

So what happens when believers attempt to communicate with their God?

If the brain did not evolve a system for conversing with highly abstract invisible entities, what brain systems activate when it does?

In a recent study our team used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to investigate how the brain responded to praying in Christian believers. Surprisingly, considering God’s postulated invisibility, omnipresence, omnipotence, and omniscience, we found that conversing with God was not associated with regions that process abstract concepts. Rather, we found a marked pattern of activity in four regions that typically activate when humans relate to other humans. Neurologically, this finding suggests that strong believers process God as a concrete person – in spite of the theologically complex and highly abstract nature of the Christian God. Interestingly, we did not find this pattern in believers who did not use praying regularly. Perhaps the religious brain can learn to treat gods as real persons through regular practice and strong beliefs.

Importantly and somewhat contrary to the widespread assumption that communicating with God constitutes a unique experience reserved for believers, our findings suggest that praying to God is comparable to ‘normal’ interpersonal interaction, at least in terms of brain function. Praying, it seems, is subserved by the basic processing of our biologically evolved dispositions like other complex cultural phenomena, in this case the evolved human capacity for social cognition.

One might ask if these findings, then, are evidence that God is just an illusion, an imagined friend that always listens in times of distress? Or may they in fact be proof that God affects us even at the level of brain function? Atheists and believers alike take considerable interest in this kind of research. Fortunately, as a scientist my interest lies solely in the physical world and speculations about the spiritual dimension lie well beyond scientific scrutiny.

As Arhus University in Denmark, Uffe Schjødt researches the neurology of social and cultural phenomena. He is the author of several studies that examine the biological and evolutionary foundations of charisma and religion.

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