The Journey Home: Autobiography of an American Swami by Radhanath Swami

Within this extraordinary memoir, Radhanath Swami weaves a colorful tapestry of adventure, mysticism, and love. Readers follow Richard Slavin from the suburbs of Chicago to the caves of the Himalayas as he transforms from young seeker to renowned spiritual guide.

The Journey Home is an intimate account of the steps to self awareness and a penetrating glimpse into the heart of mystic traditions and the challenges that all souls must face on the road to inner harmony and a union with the Divine. Through near-death encounters, apprenticeships with advanced yogis, and years of travel along the pilgrim’s path, Radhanath Swami eventually reaches the inner sanctum of India’s mystic culture and finds the love he has been seeking. It is a tale told with rare candor, immersing the reader in a journey that is at once engaging, humorous, and heartwarming.

H.H. Radhanath Swami has been a source of inspiration for several projects both in India and outside of it. Radhanath Swami is also a great source of inspiration for several thousands of people aspiring to seek spiritual enlightenment in the line of bhakti yoga. His efforts to help people in this field have been delivering positive results. Radhanath Swami’s students come from various walks of life, age groups, castes, races, and nationalities

The Journey Home by HH Radhanath Swami

At the age of 19, in 1970, Radhanath Swami started his journey of spiritual quest. After meeting several people and studying various paths of spiritual enlightenment along the way, he finally reached India. Radhanath Swami’s experiences through the journey enabled him to understand the truth from all cultural perspectives. The deep realizations that he gained in the process reflect in his teachings today.

The sufferings and exploitations he had to endure on this path made Radhanath Swami more determined and focused, it increased his faith and humility. Radhanath Swami’s uncompromising determination to find a guru who can provide answers for his questions made him reach the holy land of Vrndavan, India, the holy place of Radha and Krsna. Radhanath Swami

Radhanath Swami learned from many but accepted one guru. Radhanath Swami’s surrender and service to his spiritual master is a great source of inspiration to all his followers. Radhanath Swami’s lectures, kirtans, and yatras sustain the spiritual lives of many. Radhanath Swami’s explanation of complex topics of scriptures and the insight that he provides into apparently confusing philosophical topics is amazing.

H.H. Radhanath Swamy is an extremely rare personality that anyone would meet during the journey of his or her lifetime.
Stories From Journey Home-1 Book by HH Radhanath Swami

Stories From Journey Home Book – A Lecture by HH Radhanath Swami given at Anand Prakash Yoga Ashram in Hrishikesh in the year 2012.

2013 – End of Days or A New Beginning: Envisioning The World After the Events of 2012 ~ Marie D Jones

The 5,125-year-long Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012, which many claim portends a massive global transformation. Some dread its arrival, believing it will be the beginning of the end. Others await it with delicious anticipation, expecting it to be the catalyst for a quantum leap of consciousness, the dawning of a true New Age. Others wonder if anything at all will occur – remember Y2K?

2013: The End of Days or a New Beginning? examines all of the popular myths, prophecies, and predictions circulating about 2012, including the Mayan teachings of time acceleration and global awakening on a consciousness level. Furthermore it takes an in-depth look at lesser-known predictions and prophecies, and at the more scientific and reality-based challenges we will face.

Some of the questions this book explores include:

Will cosmic and earthly chaos disrupt our lives with destructive sunspot cycles, volcanic super-eruptions, monster storms, mass extinctions, and asteroid threats?
Will huge leaps in technology create bionic humans, computers that think, and an end to all disease – possibly even death itself?
Will economic and geopolitical powers shift out of the West and into the “the New Eurasia, with new wars being fought over dwindling resources as global warming takes its toll?
Will this be the evolution revolution of human consciousness – or the final countdown that leads to Armageddon itself?
Will it be the apocalypse so many have feared – or the rebirth of the world and the transformation of humanity?

There is much, much more to the 2012 enigma than just an ancient calendar, and 2013: The End of Days or a New Beginning? will prove it.

Marie D Jones 2013 & 11:11 @ The Mind Body Spirit Business Network Montlhy Meeting

Here is Marie D Jones chatting with Mind Body Spirit Business Network founder Debbie Donovan after November’s meeting. Marie intrigued & educated the group with her grounded & thorough investigative style and lively presentation.

Episode 22 – 2012 and Doomsday Prophecies

In Episode 22 we explore 2012, the Mayans, and doomsday prophecies with New Thought/Metaphysical minister and author Marie D. Jones. We discuss her best-selling book, 2013: End of Days or a New Beginning: Envisioning the World After the Events of 2012, which chronicles the theories behind the end of the Mayan Calendar on December 21, 2012.

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