Transition to the Golden Age in 2032 ~ Diana Cooper

Explaining what will happen after the spiritual changes predicted to occur in the year 2012 according to ancient prophecies, this handbook shows how to tap to the energies of the universe to gain understanding of the changes taking place. Exciting new spiritual energies will be coming into the planet and influencing specific areas, and economic, political, and climatic shifts are also predicted to occur.

Renowned cosmic scholar Diana Cooper includes a time frame for this massive transition that is anticipated to last until Earth moves into the fifth dimensional frequency in 2032. From what to expect to how to prepare, the teachings in this book serve as guidance for the next 20 years, so that people will be able to attune themselves to the spiritual forces that are coming.

The world has never before experienced a shift like the current one that will turn us inside out. Economies will change dramatically during the transition, until money no longer has relevance. Dinosaur businesses out of tune with the new paradigm will collapse and be replaced by smaller ventures working for the good of the animals, people and the planet. By 2020, the governments everywhere will curb the power of the banks and many big corporations will be struggling for their viability. They will fight back stealthily and secretly by trying to create global governments, but eventually the rising consciousness will sweep them away.

As money has less viability, creativity, music, art and sport will be honoured again. People will start to take responsibility for their own health and healing using natural methods. Sharing, caring and community will take us into the fifth dimension.

One of the most encouraging things to happen in the next twenty years is the opening up of the religions to higher spirituality. All dogma is based on fear and this will change into love. The awakening of the portal in Mesopotamia will return self-worth to the Arabs and help to dissolve the dogma of Islam, enabling its followers to embrace their religious beliefs in a spiritual way. Christians will no longer talk about the fear of God but will enjoy the love of God. Jews will learn humility and will seek peaceful solutions. Many Masters, such as Catherine of Sienna, Mary Magdalene and Saint Theresa of Avila are stepping forward to help all religions become spiritual.

These are some of the influences that will touch us in 2012:

The twelve fifth-dimensional planetary chakras are opening and connecting to the wisdom of their stars.
Thirty-three cosmic portals are opening and flooding their areas in the Christ light.
Many other sacred sites and portals are starting to open.
The wisdom of the seventh-dimensional chakra of Hollow Earth, where the entire knowledge of our world is stored, is becoming available to us.
The wisdom of the crystal skull of Thoth will start to be accessed.
There is a cosmic moment at 11:11am local time on 21st December 2012, when pure Source energy is available to those who are tuned in.

Spiritual influences between 2012 – 2032

The Great Pyramid in Hollow Earth will start aligning with the centre of each of the stars to bring the universe into alignment by 2032.

Those who were incarnated in Lemuria will wake up and start to activate the Lemurian crystals to heal the planet.

2012 marks the start of the ascension of all the universes. We will all be carried by this great current of energy into 2032.

Time frame

2012 End of 260,000-year cosmic era.

2012 – 2023 Eleven-year in-breath. Everything that has been hidden away or lost is coming to the surface and examined. The more cleansing we undertake the less there will be for nature to purify.

2017 – 2022 Main cleansing of the planet. During this period, nature will use the elements to finally purify any area where there are still lower energies.

2023 – 2032 Nine-year pause to prepare for 2032.

2032 A new fifth-dimensional blueprint is put into place for our planet and our entire universe. Everything – trees, flowers, animals, fish, humans – will speed up in frequency. Currently the nature kingdom is ascending more quickly than humans and this is creating challenging vibrations for some.

About Diana Cooper: The Transition to the Golden Age in 2032 is Diana Cooper’s twentieth spiritual book and she has also written several children’s books. Through her guides and angels she enables people to access their spiritual gifts and connects them to their own angelic guidance. She is the founder of the Diana Cooper School.

Cosmic Forecast for 2032

What do the next 20 years hold for planet earth? The good news, according to noted British cosmic scholar Diana Cooper , is that we have started our transition to a Golden Age in 2032. It is not all going to be rosy, and many parts of the world will undergo cleansing crises. Diana offers worldwide forecasts for the economy, climate, politics and spirituality. She details which areas will be safe havens and which need to clear karma, where the earth and star portals are and what it means to move into Fifth Dimensional frequencies.

Prayer of the Heart in Christian and Sufi Mysticism by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

Prayer of the Heart in Christian & Sufi Mysticism guides the reader through the stages of mystical prayer. Mystical prayer is a way to create a living relationship with the Divine within the heart. Drawing on Christian and Sufi sources such as St. Teresa of Avila, Attar, St. John of the Cross, and Rumi, as well as from his own experience, Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee describes how prayer is first born of need, but then takes one deep within the heart, into the stages of Union and Ecstasy. Through mystical prayer, one is drawn beyond any words into the interior silence of real communion with God. Here, in the silence within the heart, a meeting and merging takes place that carries us beyond our self into the mystery of divine presence, into the secret nature of love’s oneness.

Prayer of the Heart in Christian and Sufi Mysticism explores the inner listening of the heart, and the secret of ‘pray without ceasing’ in which we discover how prayer becomes alive within the heart. Finally there is a chapter on the need at this time to pray for the Earth. How can we pray for the well-being of the Earth? How can we include the Earth in our prayers and our heart?

This little book is an offering of the heart that brings together the Christian and Sufi mystical traditions in the oneness of love to which they belong. It will benefit any practitioner of prayer, anyone who is drawn to discover a relationship with God within their heart.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Rev. Cynthia Bourgeault
1. Prayer and Listening
2. Stages of Prayer
3. The Jesus Prayer and the Dhikr
4. The Circle of Love
5. The Heart Prays
6. Prayer for the Earth
7. Personal Prayer

“In our prayers and devotions, we need to reconnect with the sacred substance in creation. We need to place the earth within our hearts, and nourish it with our love, and offer it in remembrance of God.”

Excerpts from chapter 6 in “Prayer of the Heart in Christian & Sufi Mysticism”, a new book by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee.

We are living in a time of ecological devastation, the catastrophic effect of our materialistic culture on the ecosystem. Our rivers are toxic, the rainforests slashed and burned, vast tracts of land made a wasteland due to our insatiable desires for oil, gas, and minerals. We have raped and pillaged and polluted the earth, pushing it into the dangerous state of imbalance we call climate change. Creation itself is now calling to us, sending us signs of its imbalance, and the soul of the world, the anima mundi, which the ancients understood as the spiritual presence of the earth, is crying out. We can see these signs in all the recent floods and droughts, feel it in the poisoning of the land from pesticides and other contaminants. Those whose hearts are open may hear it too, in the cry of the world soul, of the spiritual being of our mother the earth. It is a cry of need and despair: human beings, who were supposed to be the guardians of the planet, who long ago were taught the sacred names of creation,(95)have forgotten their responsibility and instead have systematically and heedlessly desecrated and destroyed the earth on a global scale.

— ch. 6. Prayer for the Earth, p. 71

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