Relationship of Material and Spiritual, Part 1 & 2 Published on May 8, 2012 by Tony Nader M.D.

The Relationship of Material and Spiritual, of Brain and Consciousness, Part 1

Brief Transcript:

The classical world you define objects and their position in space and their motion and their momentum everything is very clear and it moves according to these laws. In the quantum mechanical level you have probabilities. Things suddenly start becoming sitting everywhere and moving everywhere. They are entangled, they are connected. Everything is connected with everything else. Every molecule, every particle that moves in one way has a corresponding particle moving the other way somewhere in the universe because everything is entangled. And therefore everything is actually interconnected. That takes us to a very different understanding of the world and the universe and reality.

Now we go all of these entangled are actually nothing but the Unified Field and in fact there is nothing but the Unified Field, in fact there is nothing but pure consciousness which means we are all living in an illusion, which means it is only a perception, its only a maya. That takes us into a huge consideration. What we want is a knowledge that puts all of this together and that is what we have really in the total knowledge, vedic knowledge, ultimately which allows us to bridge all these differences whereby all religions can be true in themselves, as the same time all science can be true in itself

Relationship of Material and Spiritual, Part 2

Dr. Tony Nader, M.D.
The Relationship of Material and Spiritual, of Brain and Consciousness, Part 2

Brief Transcript:

Is the body the source of consciousness? You can’t say of course because if you damage some part of the brain you lose consciousness. But that takes us through another consideration to take a simple example you take a radio and you put the radio here its doing nothing you turn it on you hear the music. Now, is the radio producing the music? This means the music is produced by the radio, its not true. The radio is a transducer. It takes the waves that come through the radio frequencies transduces them into a sound wave and you hear the music. So you can say the radio produces the music because if you break the radio you don’t get any music. But, the radio is not the source of the music. The source of the music is the waves. If you take another radio it will feel the same, it will detect this.

The brain is a transducer of consciousness. It can experience consciousness. If you damage it you will lose consciousness, you will not hear the music. But, is the brain itself the creator of consciousness? It is not the creator of consciousness, it is the experiencer of consciousness.

And therefore consciousness is beyond the brain and beyond individuality. Consciousness is unbounded pure being. Is the self of everything and everyone. It is the unified Field. The stuff of life is made out of consciousness. Now what we have in our human physiology is some incredible machine that can experience consciousness and live consciousness in its wholeness, in its totality.

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