Veda Is the Sound of Natural Law – Dr. Tony Nader

Veda Is the Sound of Natural Law – Dr. Tony Nader

Brief Transcript:

It so happens that there is a knowledge in India, which comes from a very subjective knowledge, which means it is a knowledge based on cognition not on scientific research or experimentation. And that is what is called Veda. The term Veda means knowledge… it is a name, just knowledge. Like you say knowledge in English, in Sanskrit you call it Veda. It is a science, its knowledge, it just means knowledge… knowledge of natural law, knowledge of the laws of life of, of nature, of how nature is built. But, if you take the books of Veda and start reading them, you can’t understand anything when you translate it. If you read the actual text books of the Veda, it doesn’t make sense if you translate them and they look really, kind of unusually unexplainable. For years and years, thousands of years people were trying to explain why it is so important that so many generations of pandits (we call them pandits, which are the vedic people that who have been reciting these vedic sounds) they keep teaching them to their children, and then their children to their children, and it comes to us as a knowledge, which in today’s life is incomprehensible on the level of its translation. There are many theories, many explanations, but its always kind of splitting hair and going around the topic to try to understand what it is.

And, it is really, I think, for the first time in known history that somebody, who is Maharishi (in fact) came and said Veda we shouldn’t look at in terms of the meaning.


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