What is the Self? – Dr. Tony Nader

Dr. Tony Nader: The Self

Brief Transcript:

Maharishi’s teaching all of these years has been on consciousness. Consciousness, consciousness, consciousness… Experience yourself and the self is an abstract reality, which is within oneself, but it is a real reality. It is abstract, but you can actually experience it. That is what people do when they practice Transcendental Meditation. Close the eyes and dive within, and experience your inner self — nobody elses self, no… as a specific value. You will find that your Self is everything and everyone, ultimately. As you grow in higher states of consciousness your self becomes established as the Self of everything, as the Unified Field, and then it never leaves you and you feel this with you all the time. Then, there is this self and the there is the outer reality, the changing reality and there is the Non-Changing Reality, which is the Pure Being, the Pure Self.

This experience of Pure Self puts you in a state of what Maharishi calls Cosmic Consciousness, in which the outer value is seen as the field of change and transformation, and the Inner Value, which means the Self is seen as Unbounded, Pure and Infinite.

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