Dr. Tony Nader: Wholeness

Dr. Tony Nader: Wholeness

Brief transcript:

Wholeness is from the simple definition, it is everything. Whole, it is holy, there is a holy value, which is holistic. There is wholeness, everything… puts everything together. There are different levels of wholeness, you have the whole is more than the sum of its parts. You get an entity, which is made out of elements. These elements constitute values of that entity. But, you don’t appreciate that entity until you see more than the parts, and you see how the parts come together to form something that is a human being, that is a flower, that is… music or a symphony whatever it is there is a wholeness in that reality.

When we talk about real wholeness it is the wholeness of everything in life, which means when we put all the parts of life together what do we get? When we put the trees with the flowers, with the human beings, with the buildings, with the animals, with the galaxies, with the entire planetary systems and stars and with the details of the people and societies and life as a whole we get the grand wholeness of existence. That is life itself… So it is a way of seeing the totality of life the wholeness of life beyond its specificities.

Dr. Tony Nader: Wholeness and Parts

Dr. Tony Nader: Wholeness and Parts

Brief Transcript:

For one individual to be able to live Wholeness, which means Totality, and that is the basis of being able to live perfection in life. One has to have ones awareness able to fathom parts… small parts, big parts and the Whole together and the Infinity together. And therefore it is part of the nature of the reality of perfection of Wholeness that the individual must have the freedom to think and to decide that there is a point, there are many points, there is wholeness, there is a bigger wholeness, there is Totality, there is Infinity, there is Absolute.

All of these values are open to individual awareness, and that is the nature of reality, it is part of what reality is, its nature. So, it is not like a trick that you are allowed to go here and there, but it is part of the deal, part of the equation. You want wholeness, you want perfection, you want fullness, you want infinite freedom, that is part of what makes the individual feel blissful and holy.


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